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Agatha Christie Murder On The Orient Express Game Review

Were on Day 2 of my love for murder Agatha Christie game reviews for the month and todays game is one of the most intriguing game I have ever played, Agatha Christie Murder On The Orient Express. This game is the first game to have Hercule Poirot helping you solve the mystery aboard Orient Express. This game was the second game in the series released by The Adventure Company on November 14, 2006. So let's get stated!

Murder On The Orient Express: Hercule Poirot Cabin 
Murder on the Orient Express is set in the year 1934. The game is initially begins in Istanbul, while the remaining majority occurs within the carriages of the Orient Express, when it is blocked by an avalanche in Yugoslavia. However, the player has some opportunities to venture outside the train into the snowy exterior environment.

The sole player character is Antoinette Marceau, an employee of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. She is aided throughout her investigation by famous detective Hercule Poirot, as well as his friend Dr. Constantine. Ten of the thirteen murder suspects from Christie's novel are included in the game adaption. These suspects are Count and Countess Andrenyi, Colonel Arbuthnot, Mary Debenham, Princess Dragomiroff, Greta Ohlsson, Antonio Foscarelli, Cyrus Hardman, Caroline Hubbard, Hector McQueen, and several staff on the Orient Express. The victim is Samuel Ratchett. In total, there are twenty characters featured in the game.

Murder On The Orient Express: Istanbul Train-Station 
I remember looking at these graphics when they were first released and thinking how realistic they looked. After about 15+ years I will admit that has aged pretty well in the sense that hold that classic realistic style of the time the game was made. The graphics in this game were a great improvement from the first game, And Then There Were None, as the game wasn't as clunky/boxy.

Murder On The Orient Express: Outdoor Scene 
I loved the storyline of Murder On The Orient Express. In a way, I found that in this game felt more personal. Instead of you stepping into the shoes of the famous detective Hercule Poirot you get to experience the game play as a new amateur detective. It definitely allows a little bit more freedom of how you go about solving the murder on the Orient Express. The game definitely had me guessing on who was the culprit. As same as the previous game were are two different endings. There's the true ending as Agatha Christie originally wrote it and then there is new ending.

Murder On The Orient Express: Mores Code Puzzle
When it comes to puzzles you have to keep an eye on everything that is going on around you. Each puzzle you're faced with requires you to not only to become a sleuth and look for clues and items to use to solve each of the puzzles on the train but if you miss one thing then you might have issues moving forward in the game. I had trouble with finding everything and the was a ton of back and forth to solve this mystery but in the end it was with it.

Thank you everyone for reading! I loved solving this mystery and I would highly recommend checking out this game if you get the chance. If you haven't yet, check out my other Agatha Christie Game Reviews. As I said in my previous post for And Then There Were None Game Review, you cannot get this game on Steam. If you are lucky then you might find a package deal of And Then There Were None, Murder On The Orient Express, and Evil Under The Sun in the Agatha Christie Triple Murder Pack.

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