Friday, January 10, 2020

Nancy Drew Game #34 Teased

To be honest, I didn't think I would be moving on from Midnight In Salem this fast.  I've been writing posts about Midnight In Salem for over 5 years.  Basically, it was the second Nancy Drew game I was following when I started my blog, with Sea of Darkness being the first.  However after finishing Midnight In Salem, we were all left wondering, "What is the name to the next Nancy Drew game?"  To this question at this time, I do not no the answer.

However, in Midnight In Salem, Her Interactive might have secretly put in clues to where the next mystery could possibly take place!  It brings tears to my eyes that the next Nancy Drew game has been possibly been teased without anyone noticing.  But then this is just a theory from little old me as I read into this probably way too much.  So, let's get started with the few theories that Her Interactive might have put into Midnight In Salem.

During one of the longest times Nancy talks to Ned, Nancy suggest that the two of them go on vacation together!  I know that all the fans have been wanting to see a full Ned render for quite a while in the game.  As the Alibi In Ashes playable part just didn't seem enough.  So this conversation about them going on vacation together with the possibility of a mystery is  what I can only hope is the next sleuthing duo.

Now, when it comes to location, the only place that they mention of where Ned and Nancy might go it to Austria!  As we all know, Nancy was asked to go there to pick up the Book of Apologies.  However, her visit was cut short.  At the end of the game, after you capture the culprit and saying goodbye to everyone, you get the ability to call Elisabeth Hirst.  During this call Nancy asks about Austria and about taking a vacation there.  Of course Dr. Hirst says its a great place to visit and you can kind of see her suggesting to Nancy that she should visit again and see what the beautiful country has to offer.

The final clue pointing to Austria being the next location along with Ned joining Nancy on this next mystery is the final conversation.  In final conversation with Ned, as Nancy leaves the Perri house, talks to him about taking a vacation together and hint that they should go to Austria together.

If you think that this could just be all talk, remember, in Labyrinth of Lies they teased that Joe, Frank, and Nancy would be going to Salem Massachusetts for a future game.  It might have been two games after LIE but still, I can't discount that this is what they are teasing.

Thank you everyone for reading!  I'm super excited to see if my prediction is correct based on what they have already given us hints to in Midnight In Salem.  So far nothing has been said about the next Nancy Drew game but hopefully soon we'll get some news about it soon.  So what do you think about my prediction?  Do you think I'm right or wrong, and if so what's your prediction on the next game?  I would love to know down in the comments below.

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