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Nancy Drew Midnight In Salem Earning All the Achievements

I know this is a question that's been going around for a while about "How you you earn the all the awards/achievements in Nancy Drew Midnight In Salem?"  Well for todays post, I have the solution to all this question today.  So for todays post, I'm sharing with everyone how you earn all the awards in Nancy Drew Midnight In Salem!  
This post will contain spoilers so you are reading this at your own risk.  So let's get started!

Before moving forward with how to find the awards, I would just like to point out that the Mac version of MID awards, specific to the Steam version, have not worked for me and the only way to get them to work is by using Boot Camp PC for Mac.  As of December 18th, a fix has been pushed out so go check your Steam downloads and download the update.  You might have to close and reopen Steam to get the update if it is not appearing.  Now onto the awards!

In beginning of the game at Moosham Castle, after losing the thief, pick up the key in the grass with the AW ornament on it.  Once you back out of the key you will get the award.

Welcome to Salem
After completing Olivia's Ghost Hunting tour, go to the Lady Liberty Statue and find the "AW'' inscription on it.  Underneath it you can read the inscription "Bring Light Into the Darkness."  This will then give you the award.

Curse not the darkness!
After leaving Lauren Holt's Home, you will get a cut scene in front of the Hathorne House of a ghostly figure.  After watching this, you will get the award.

Investigate Everything
Search the Court House evidence room.  Look in all 20 of the evidence draws and determine what items were missing, look at the evidence board, the CCTV camera above the door, and the broken window.  This can only be done after the Judge gives you permission to enter the evidence room.  Once you have completed this you will get the award.

Investigate Everyone
To get this award, you will need to investigate everyone about about there where about their alibi for the theft at the Moosham Castle and the fire at the Hathorne House.  Basically make sure you talk to everyone, including Mei, about everything.  This can all be completed during the first full day when you're by yourself without Deirdre following you everywhere.  Once you have complete all of these you will get the award.

Creepy Message
In the Parry House, go into the living room and search the garbage bin on the left side of the room.  A torn up note will be found in the bin and you will need to piece the note back together to earn this award.

Get stock from L.
To get this puzzle you will need to be playing as Frank.  When time comes you will find a secret message on a note in Olivia's shop.  Once you pick it up and find the decipher, you will be given the chance to solve it.  Once you solve it, it will reveal what's on the list.  Once you complete the puzzle then you will get the award.

How to solve the puzzle:

For the first line:
Rotate the center wheel clockwise 7 times and the middle dial 6 times clock wise.  Once done click "Select Letter" and determine what is being spelled.  You will need to select each letter on the dial

Second line:

Rotate the center wheel 6 times counter clockwise and press "Select Letters".

Third Line:

Rotate the center wheel 6 times counter clockwise and press "Select Letters".

Fourth Line:

Rotate the center wheel 4 times counter clockwise and press "Select Letters".

Fifth Line:
Rotate the center wheel 1 time counter clockwise and press "Select Letters".

It's Right There!
After confronting Olivia in the grave yard after solving Olivia's secret message, you will witness the ghost as Frank and Joe.  This award will automatically be given after watching the clip and talking to everyone as Nancy in the Parry's front hallway.

This award is award is given once you've put together the CCTV footage for the theft in the Court House.

After completing the Johnny Cakes puzzle you will get the option to cook more pancakes with cute designs baked into them.  You can give these out to the characters in the game but they will only accept the cake with a specific design.  After baking one you can get the award for the game as well as handing out each Johnny cake print out to each of the characters in the game.  The solution to what pancakes got to who is down below.

Johnny Cakes Solutions:
Pirate = Mei
Cat = Deirdre
Werewolf = Lauren
Witch = Olivia
Pumpkin = Teegan
Ghost = Joe
Frankenstien = Frank

Happy Halloween
To earn this award you will need to decorate the town and the Parry House with Jack'o Lanterns.  There are a total of 12 candle around Salem that you can put a Jack'o Lantern on.

Museum - On the plate next to the flyer stand.
Town Square - Roger Conant Statue
Town Square - Olivia's Stage
Town Square - Haystack in front of the Court House
Town Square - Courthouse's Stairs
Cemetery - Tree at the Center of Cemetery
Cemetery - Praying Statue at the Unknown Graves
Parry House - On the windowsill in Nancy's Room
Parry House - On the Counter Inside Kitchen
Parry House - In stairs leading up to Front door
Luminous Infusions - On counter inside shop
Hathorne House - to the left of Carriage House's Stairs

Ergo Ergot
This award is found outside the carriage house.  Towards the end of the game, when investigating the waterworks map, you will find Ergot in the water system.  You will need Rust Be Gone before you can open the water system and find the Ergot.

Open Sesame
After Mei runs away, you are told to open the underground tunnel system under Little Liberty.  By taking the Lantern on Olivia's desk in her shop, you can use the lantern on Little Liberty and open sesame the secret door to the tunnels open which will give you the award.

Before leaving you can also talk to Olivia about taking a photo too Teegan.  This can give you extra dialogue but it total optional and has no affect on the awards.

Everyone's Chores
In Lauren's Shop, Luminous Infusions, complete three herbal mixtures.

This puzzle is found in the Hathorne House where the Hardy Boys rescue Deirdre.  Once you solve the puzzle you will get a little house.  When you click on the little house you will then get the family award.

A Narrow Escape
Escape the collapsing underground tunnel.

In the Parry House living room by the garbage bin.  Look at the tree to the right of the bin.  In the tree pot you will find a yellow Easter egg.  This is the only Easter egg in the game.

End Game Awards!  Save at the last puzzle before moving forward since your end choice will affect what award you will earn.

During the final decision in the game, choose the option to hand over both the Book of Apologies and Frances Tuttle's Will.

The Book
During the final decision in the game, choose the option to hand over the Book of Apologies.

The Will
During the final decision in the game, choose the option to hand over Frances Tuttle's Will.

Trivia Tamer
Answer the Trivia Question at the end of the game correctly.

Another Cased Solved
Solve the case.

Master Sleuth
Complete the whole game on Master Sleuth.  You also need to make sure that you complete these puzzles on Master Sleuth in order to gain this award.  The puzzles you needuzzl to complete on Master Sleuth is the Ghost Hunters puzzle, the Fakery puzzle in the forest, the tunnels, and the puzzle box.  Once you complete it then you will get the award.

Special Truth Serum
Though this is not an award in the game, I still found this to be super fun to try.  On the 4th attempt at making herbal mixtures you will get Starwort.  This is one of the 3 ingredients needed to make a truth serum.

The second ingredient is found in the locked box with the other herbs.  The key for this box is found in the store on the table to the right of Lauren.  The final ingredient is found in the forest going before reaching Hathorne House.  Once you enter the forest, take two steps forward and turn left, take one step forward and adjust your camera to see the rosemary.  In my opinion it looks like a tall green weed.  Once you have all the ingredient then you can mix it at the table.

Now its time to enjoy the fun of having everyone being truthful!  Sadly, only two people are willing to drink it in the game but it's still fun listening to everyones reactions on what they think about it.

Thank you everyone for reading!  I hope this helps everyone on finding all the awards and achievements in Midnight In Salem.   I had so much fun trying to find all the awards and achievements in the game.  Many of them are super simple and easy to complete so you should have no trouble at all completing them now.  But if you have questions about each award let me know down in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.  So, what other Midnight In Salem post do you want to see next?  I would love to know down in the comments below.

Until next time,

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