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Nancy Drew Merchandise For Christmas

Its that time of year again to buy your loved ones a gift that they will love forever!  Especially for the Nancy Drew fans in your life.  So for Blogmas Day 2, I’m recommending 6 items that you should get for the Nancy Drew fans.  For this post I’m being joined by Daniella over from My Little Book Spy.  She will be recommending 3 and I will be recommending 3 items that I believe you should get.  So let’s get started!

Jordan’s Pick:  Fleece Blanket
Keep your Nancy Drew fans warm this winter, go get them their very own Fleece Blanket!  There are a few designs that you can choose from such as all 32 game covers including the remastered game cover for Secrets Can Kill.  You can also get a 2 different Midnight In Salem game cover or the MID Cemetery, game covers for Bluemoon Canyon, The Deadly Device, Ransom of the Seven Ships, Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Secrets Can Kill Remastered, A Toasty Pack from White Wolf of Icicle Creek, and The Haunted Mansion Tapestry.

Daniella’s Pick: Mug
(I sound like an infomercial saying this, but let’s give this a go!)
Does your Nancy Drew fan need a special and unique mug designed just for them?  Then I definitely suggest getting them their very own Nancy Drew mug!  I absolutely love the two mugs that I have (The Captive Curse & Labyrinth of Lies).  Not only are they a perfect piece of Nancy Drew memorabilia, but they’re the perfect size mug for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  Or  it can be the perfect addition to your desk as a decoration!

Jordan’s Pick: Strategy Guides/Games
Is your Nancy Drew fan getting stuck on puzzles or not sure what do next to solve a mystery?  Get them there very own Strategy Guide from Her Interactive!  These are the official strategy guide from the company that can help your sleuth when ever they need help.  Also if you decided to buy a game, then you will get a Strategy Guide for FREE.  Thats right, I said FREE with any purchase of one of their games.  To be honest its probably cheaper that way instead of just buying the Strategy Guide by itself.  So buy the game and make sure you download and back up your strategy guild to prevent it from disappearing or accidentally getting deleted (I learned the hard way about that).

Daniella’s Pick: Pillow
This is probably one of the cutest things to get as a gift!  A Nancy Drew themed pillow would look perfect gift to give, whether it's a decoration for a bed or couch or it could be used as a back pillow for your desk chair.  Also, Niko’s sweater design has a very big Christmas feel to it!

Jordan’s Pick:  Nancy Drew Soundtracks
Is there nothing to play not he radio now a day or just getting bored listing to the same song over and over again?  Well Now you can buy your very own copy of Nancy Drew Music!  They have music available from the first Nancy Drew game Secrets Can Kill up to Sea of Darkness!  This is a great and wonderful gift for those that love to listen to the games music.

Daniella’s Pick: Tote Bag
If you’re a book lover and Nancy Drew fan like me, then a tote bag would be the perfect gift to give this Christmas!  Not only are the bags super cute, but they are the perfect size to help carry your bag of books with you wherever you go!

Thank you everyone for reading!  I also want to thank Daniella (The Little Book Spy) for joining me on writing this post!  If your looking to get any of these gifts then I would highly recommend ordering as soon as you possibly can if you want it delivered before Christmas!  So make sure you place your order before its too late.  You can get the Games, Strategy Guides, and Soundtracks from Her Interactive; while you can get the Blanket, Mug, Pillow, and much more over on the Her Interactive Teespring page!  So what Nancy Drew gift are you thinking of getting.  I would love to know down in the comments below.

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