Friday, December 20, 2019

Hardy Boys Mystery Series By Her Interactive

On December 3rd, 2019, Her Interactive released their newest game Midnight In Salem. While playing the game, The Hardy Boys came to save the day or more of Joe trying to win a bet. But no matter what, we all love the Hardy Boys. However, for those that have played the game did you happen to notice the important conversation they had with Nancy? Well in todays post I’m going to be discussing the possibility of what this could mean for the possibility of a Hardy Boys game series from Her Interactive. So let's get started!

Before continuing reading please not that this post might contain spoilers of Midnight In Salem and what will be discussed here has not been confirmed by Her Interactive and is based on a theory of mine and nothing else.

On day two of Midnight In Salem, the Hardy Boys show up to the Parry House and you, as Nancy, get the wonderful job of making Johnny Cakes. Afterwords Nancy, Deirdre, Mei, and the Hardy Boys sit down to a wonderful breakfast that was made by you. During breakfast, Frank and Joe talk to Nancy about their business plan!

This is where Daniella (My twin) and I literally started screaming with excitement! Now this could be us both getting ahead of ourselves but what if Her Interactive used this as a teaser for fans to see how they would react to a new game series! Honestly, if anyone from Her Interactive is reading this then please do this! I would love to see another game series with our favorite detective duo.

Previously, Dreamcatcher released 2 Hardy Boy games, The Hidden Theft and The Perfect Crime. Though both of these game did not do very well as the Hidden Theft received ok reviews while the The Perfect Crime, a hidden object style game did very poorly. SEGA and Her Interactive also released a DS Hardy Boys game called Treasure on the Tracks, which did fairly well.

Back to what we do know, at the end of Midnight In Salem when we get the chance to speak to the Hardy Boys again they mention to Nancy joining their Detective Agency. Though Nancy seems to decline the idea of joining them as a partner, she seems like she's willing to help them if they call on her.

I can see so many games with these two famous sleuths and if Her Interactive is in the works on making a Hardy Boys game, I really hope that both Rob Jones (Joe Hardy) & Jonah Von Spreecken (Frank Hardy) reprise their roles in any future Hardy Boys game as that would be absolutely perfect!

Now the only question I have left is, what happen to ATAC or American Teens Against Crime?  I cannot be the only one thats wondering thats wondering what happened to them working with ATAC.  If they do release a Hardy Boys game I really hope that they answer this question as well.  It would also be amazing if we got a rotation of a new Nancy Drew game and a Hardy Boys game.  So for example, this year we got the newest Nancy Drew game and the next game they release would be a Hardy Boys game!  This sounds like amazing to me, but one can dream with will come true...

Thank you everyone for reading!  I love the idea of the Hardy Boys getting their own game series and I really hope that this is something that Her Interactive are looking at making in the future.  So what do you think when the Hardy Boys announced they were starting their own detective agency?  Did you think that Her Interactive were teasing at a possible Hardy Boys series?  Let me know down in the comments below as I would love to know what you all think.

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