Friday, October 11, 2019

Stranded Sails Prologue Demo Review

As I’ve said once before, I’m always looking for new games to play. Then I stumbled upon this new game called Stranded Sails and I was in love with the idea of the game. On Thursday, the company, Rokaplay, released a Prologue for the game for email subscribers. I was one of the lucky few who signed up early so I was able to get the demo right away. I was so excited to play! So let's get started!

In the game, you and your crew are ship-wrecked on a mysterious archipelago. You, as the child of the injured captain, take chase to set up camp for the survivors. Since food resources are sparse, you can only plant a limited number of crops to build up your small farm to feed you and your crew. Your goal is to build up a new ship as you search and explore the island for materials and treasure.

I love farming games and this game when I first saw it remind me a lot of other farming games like Stardew Valley and Garden Paws. However, there’s something a little more unique about this game. Unlike the other farming games that talk about you moving to a farm out in the wilderness away from the rest of the world. You are in fact a pirate looking for adventure when you happen to get stranded on an island without a way home. Because of this, I was super keen on playing this game.

When I first downloaded this game, I did have one concern. Would I be able to play it on my older computer?

To get an understanding of why I was having this thought, it's because of this. I use a Late 2013 iMac computer with Bootcamp to run my PC only game. Because of the age of my computer and using Bootcamp, I was super afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to play it at all.

However, the gaming gods graced me with the ability to play the game, with Medium too High graphics too. So if you're a Bootcamp user like me, then just know that this game will work for great for you.

The graphic of the game look amazing. I find that the game design is very similar to a 3D anime/pixel style. It looks really realistic and I just find it super cute and charming. I notice it in the small little things like the dirt, the trees, and water. The little small details like that to me is what makes it look so unique from other games.

The demo is based on before you leave on your voyage in the game. So as you go to sleep you dream about being stranded on an island and you have a beautiful bird to help guide you along as you get an understanding of the mechanics and how to play the game. Depending on what you're used to using, I played this game mostly with a PS4 controller as I found it easier to play with and it worked great. I just plugged it in and it automatically transferred over. However, if you want, you can play the game with a keyboard and mouse.

Without giving too much away in the demo, the demo focuses on teaching you the basics of the game such as farming, crafting, fishing, fighting, and the energy of your character. I found that this was really helpful before I can play the actual game.

So if you want to go out an explore the island that is now your new home soon, the game is going to be released October 17th on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Humble Bundle, and GOG.

Thank you everyone for reading! I hope you all enjoyed my little review. I had so much fun playing this demo that I didn’t want to stop. I just wanted to keep farming, crafting, and exploring the island. If you want to check out the demo, you can go register for their emailing list here to get the demo now. So, what did you think about this game and are you thinking of picking up the game? I would love to know in the comment down below.

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