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Nancy Drew: Midnight In Salem Characters Updated

When you think you have the whole case figured out and solved, a new piece of the puzzle, or should I say new characters, changes that making you look at the case in a whole new light.  If you haven’t been keeping track of the latest news for the up and coming Nancy Drew game, Midnight In Salem, the team decided to rebrand the characters in the game by not only giving them a new design, but some of them have a new name and a completely different character bio!  After looking over my original post with the previous characters bio’s and such, I felt that this post need a rewrite with the updated looks, bios, and of course names!

When I wrote my first post, I decided to go into it and just update some of the pictures and information with images of the characters.  Well, right before I did that, many of the characters received such a huge overhaul that I wanted to leave that post alone and start over by writing a new post.  With this new information, I thought that it would be a great idea to review everyone again.  So let's look at our new suspects!

Suspect List:

Mei Parry
“Mei Parry has spent her young life pulled between two extremes – the near-crushing protective attention by her parents and sister Teegan, and the cruel gazes and whispers by the local townsfolk.  Mei’s mysterious past haunts her when she is accused and placed under questioning by the Salem police for the recent fire at the Hawthorne Estate.  Few of the townspeople are surprised and offer little support. Unfortunately for Mei, multiple scars publicly mark her mistakes of the past and results in a constant reminder that she often seeks to hide. Only those closest to Mei understand that her deepest pain can also be her greatest strength. Can Nancy Drew help Mei or has she gone too far this time?”

For Mei, it's hard to determine exactly if she’s finally snapped from the treatment she has receive from the town and maybe the coddling aspect from her family.  It's possible that she might have snapped due to either her getting tired of the treatment towards her and may have done anything to get a revenge or justice for herself.  However, it's kind of hard to tell who she really is.  Also, I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this or not, I believe that Mei might be voiced by Jennifer Pratt, the voice actor who voices Bess Marvin.

Along with this new bio, her appearance has also changed.  She originally had what I could only assume was an eye condition that made both of her eyes this white color.  Now it seems that she might have a burn mark on the left side of her face which causes her eye issue.  However due to her bangs hiding that side of her face, it’s hard to tell what she’s hiding.  It says that she has physical scares so this is kind of makes me think that her hair is hiding this scare.

Alicia Cole
“Alicia Cole is a highly qualified attorney who left the big city to work with the soon-to-be-retired Judge Danforth. She loves the area and finds the smaller town environment more to her liking. However, in Salem, she must learn to deal with the occasional ‘she put a spell on me!’ case, especially behind the backdrop of a community that hasn’t come to terms with its dark and haunting past. Have the residents’ superstitions influenced Alicia’s judgment or do her ambitions run deeper than she lets on?”

Now when it comes to Alicia Cole, not much has changed from my original review of her.  She may have an ulterior motive, she might even have a connection to the town such as family or something.  Who really knows, but maybe she’s hoping to get her big break in town by making a name for herself with charging Mei for the Hathorne Home fire.

Judge Danforth
“The well-established, yet somewhat scatterbrained, Judge Danforth is at the center of pressing legal battles in the town of Salem. The arson of the famed historic Hathorne Estate is under investigation and citizens want justice. But could Judge Danforth be harboring a hidden agenda to disrupt the investigation?”

Now Judge Danforth is an odd pick when it comes to his personality.  He’s described as scatterbrained, which in my mind doesn’t sound right since being a judge you would think he would be organized and efficient.  I don’t trust him yet, but I still feel like he’s hiding something.  I’m not sure what that is just yet, but time will tell.

Jason Danforth
“Jason Danforth is the son of Judge Danforth. As a child, Jason loved to play in and around the infamous Hathorne House. Even though the people of Salem speculated the estate was haunted, Jason continued to visit until one day, when he was ten, he witnessed an unexplained sighting, one that haunts him to this day.  As years passed, Jason enjoyed being the “it” guy in town and being both wealthy and handsome. Some say that Jason is his own biggest fan.  For Jason, position has its privileges, but does his status mask the curse of his past?”

Jason still kind of makes me wonder who he really is.  I definitely see that he will have two faced due to the persona he has for is public life and private life.  The only question for me is what’s behind the wealthy flirt’s mask and who is he really.  Is he who he acts to be or is it just a façade?

Olivia Ravencraft
“Constantly commanding the spotlight, Olivia Ravencroft runs a witch tour and novelty magic shop. It’s well-known locally that her smoke and mirrors entertainment is not always accurate, but it’s always very theatrical! Her self-guided tours depict Salem’s haunted past while ensuring to capitalize on the tourist trade. While Olivia uses her elaborate performances to ‘enhance’ the tourism experience, would she set fire to the Hathorne House to profit from the additional attention to her business?”

For Olivia, formerly known to me a Jenna, looks super nice, sweet and friendly to everyone she meets.  Even with her theatrical business of Salem’s past being used to show how the town is haunted.  When I first saw her, I thought that her character was going to be kind of snooty, someone who didn’t care about what her business did to everyone around her.  Now, I feel as if she’s one of those people who you’d become instant friends with and you're telling her your life story over a cup or tea.  Her character did a total 180 for me and now I’m having to rethink what her motive is.

Olivia may still have a similar goal in mind as before.  She may use the fire at Hawthorne House to earn a profit off of because of her ghost tour business.  She may use it to her advantage to improve her business.  But I’m still having a hard time exactly pin pointing what would she gain from it other than money.

Lauren Holt
“As the last living person residing on the Hathorne property, Lauren claims to be the heir of the historic Hathorne House. Lauren owns an apothecary and tea shop in Salem and mixes natural remedies in the traditional methods. She has great respect for the town’s history, but would she use her expertise to unethically get what she wants?”

For Lauren, I had originally joked that she maybe related to Ingrid Corey from The Haunted Carousel.  However, I can’t really say that anymore because well the linking key has changed.  In her new bio, Lauren is claiming to be the heir of the Hathorne House and is trying to claim it.  I have a feeling that she maybe stretching the truth a little.  She might not be in legal terms the heir, but if she was close to the original owner before they died then she might feel as if she should get the home because of her close connection to them.  But since we don’t really know her connection to the home, we will just have to wait and see.

I also believe that she might also be trying to protect the home from Olivia Ravencraft, who is looking at making herself popular by running ghost tours in the home.  Lauren might be trying to protect the home at any cost so I will definitely be keeping an eye on her.

Teegan Parry
“Teegan Parry is Mei’s older sister and cares for her and the house while their parents are away. A warm, hospitable person, she runs the local museum and is passionate about Salem’s history. As an advocate for past accused witches, will Teegan take drastic measures to right the wrongs of history and protect her sister?”

From Teegan’s original bio, she has completely changed.  She is was at first quick to temper and now she’s a happy go luck kind of person.  Though this little fact was removed from her original bio, I believe that she might be very defensive when it comes to her sister.  As we all know, Teegan probably knows what happened to cause the town to turn against her sister, Mei.  However I believe that she will probably stay the same in the sense of her being very secretive and being on the defense.  However, with her love of history for the town, I believe that she might let something slip about the things she doesn’t want Nancy to know.

Clue Crew (Non Suspects):

Deirdre Shannon
“High-maintenance Deirdre Shannon has spent her life hovering in Nancy’s shadow, and lives with the knowledge that she is the “girl who would have become Nancy Drew” had circumstances turned out better for her. Deirdre is concerned for her cousins Mei and Teegan and begins her own investigation to clear Mei’s name. When Deirdre discovers that there is more to the Hathorne Estate case than an arson, she reluctantly calls Nancy to come and help solve the mystery. Will Deirdre’s tense relationship with the famous teen sleuth hinder the case? Or is she hiding something about her cousin’s true motivations?”

We all knew that Deirdre was going to be in this game, but I had original claimed that she was going to be on the side and not a big part of the game.  Well, now we need to take this information and change it to say she has a major part in this game.  Looking back at her original bio is actually the same except more added to it.  This new information tells us that Deirdre is Mei and Teegan’s cousin.  I had original assumed that they were friends but this new information says that their cousins!  Out of everyone, I never expected that.  Since she’s family, this adds an extra layer of information that only the three of them would know.  I can’t believed that Deirdre would be left out of this knowledge, but if Mei’s family is very protective of her, then there might be some things she might not know.

Frank and Joe Hardy
“Returning to help Nancy on another case, the Hardy Boys hone in on unexplained occurrences and aid in the hunt for the arsonist of the Hathorne House. With Frank’s practical sensibilities and Joe’s unbridled enthusiasm, they make an excellent team in search of the truth. The Hardy Boys will provide great insights and vital information regarding the investigation. You, as Nancy Drew, can depend on Frank and Joe’s assistance to shed light on the motivations of suspects and those that might be influenced by Salem’s dark past.”

When I originally wrote my first post, the Hardy Boy’s had not been released and I decided to write a small little bio for them based on what I think they would be doing in the game.  However, I think we all knew that they were going to be in the game because of what Joe said, our small little hint, in game 31.  Well, now that they have been confirmed, we now know that they will be helping us solve the mystery!  Now the only question left is will they be playable like The Creature of Kapu Cave or will they just be on stand-by to help Nancy like in The Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon.  Only time will tell on this but I can’t wait to see them!

Thank you everyone for reading.  After looking over these characters, there are so many things that have changed that I’m not really sure what’s going to happen in Midnight In Salem.  My original post that I wrote back in October of 2018 was based on a small set of characters that were released (you can read the post it here).  In that theory, I even predicted two of the characters joining the cast for this game.  With the rest of these changes to the character line up, I’m going to have to rethink my theory on what’s going to happen.  I would love to know your thoughts on the characters and who do you think could be the culprit.

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  1. Coolio! You mentioned something about designing the characters. Are you an artist and did you actually design them or am I mistaken?

    1. I did not create any of the wonderful character designs. The artist at the video game company Her Interactive created them for their newest video game release, Midnight In Salem.