Friday, June 28, 2019

Sims 4 Favorite CC: Hairstyles

Over the last week , I decided to run a few polls about what kind of Sims 4 stuff you would want to see over on the blog.  The vote is in and the winning was to share my CC haul and my redesign of a Sims house.  Well, since I’m still going though my CC files to make sure everything work and that everything in my house still works, I’m going to share my 

As of June 28, all the hairs work in my game and they should hopefully work in your game as well.  It you have any issues with any of the CC, I would recommend letting the creators know the problems you are facing.  Some of these hair styles are recolors of the original styles so you will also need to download those meshes as well, these meshes are linked with the hair so you should be good to go after downloading both sets.

I always love having cute up style hair styles and this hair style makes me jealous that I can’t do this with my own hair!  This hairstyle is a cute simple pony tail that’s super cute and can be used in almost any outfit.  I’m thinking a simple every day outfit or even a casual party outfit.

This hairstyle is my favorite style to use.  This style is cute and simple and it fits with almost any outfit you chose.  I especially like the black and blue color as it just makes the hairstyle super fun.

I love when some of the hair styles created for adults are make for toddlers and kids.  And this hair is so cute and simple.  This style was originally made for adults by Anto over on The Sims Resources (Anto - Dua (Hairstyle)).  Which before I found the kids version, I had been using the adult version for about a year now and its always my go to for many of my sims.

This is another hair style that I just adore and its something that I would probably do to my hair.  I just love all the colors you can change this hair to and that means there are so many outfits you can style this with.  This hair style was originally made for the Sims 3 by CAZY which I loved their work, however I'm super happy to have this love hair style back in my game again.

I don’t usually find curry hair styles very often as most the hair styles I find are fancy up do’s, but the second I found this hair style I just had to have it.  The curls on it are amazing and my sims will look even more amazing with hair like this.  Maybe if I can get my hands on Island Living then they can rock this hair style at the beach or even just all around town.

Thank you for reading everyone!  I love all these hair styles that I found and just the design of them are amazing and so realistic.  They remind me of hair styles that I would see in magazines or when your just out and about.  If you want to see more of these kinds of post then please let me know.  I have a ton of hair styles, some more Sims 4 styled and some more realistic.  If you looking for more Sims content than I have a ton of post sharing my favorites CC and a few post with helpful tips if your new to using CC.

Until next time,

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