Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sims 4 Favorite CC: Living Rooms

When it comes to decorating Living Rooms in the Sims 4, I always have a few particular styles I follow when I decorate.  One of these is to make the living rooms practical to what a modern family home would look like.  For example, a large comfy couch, a nice coffee table, and all the cute decorations you can ever hope for.  Well, today, I’m going to share with you 5 of my favorite Living Room CC.  All rights to these items go to there creators which I will be listing, along with the link to where you can download this content as well.  So let's get started!

While I was looking through most of my Living Room Sets, I noticed that I didn’t see most of them in my game.  Which is kind of bad if you ask me but that the fun part of checking all 1,000+ items that you have to make sure that they work.  I do believe that as of today May 24, 2019 all of these items work in my game however things can always change in the future so always check you CC to make sure it works.

Scandi Fever Living Room By SIMcredible!
Now, if you want a more modern living room, with bright colors and pictures that are Pinterest perfect, than this set is for you.  This set has so many bright and pretty pastel colors as well as the cute little fire place that will make any home warm and cozy.  My favorite color between these, of course, is the pastel blue, with the offsetting colors of the lighter colors such as white and pastel pink.  Along with the darker colors of red, brown, and black as well.

This living room is the definition of comfy.  The couch and living room chairs look so big and comfy that all I want to do is crawl into it and read a book.  I bet your Sims will too!  This set is so customizable you can pretty much match these items with others items as well.

Morning Shimmer Sunroom By ArwenKaboom
Now this an outdoors living room.  This set is great for living rooms that have more of an open concept, especially if you want it to be more open outside.  This room also has some cute little gardening knick knacks that really open the space up.  

Living Pottery Barn By ShinoKCR
Out of all of the sets I've found, this set has to be one of my top favorite set of all time!  First off that TV stand is amazing.  I want to decorate my own home like this set because its so pretty.  I just love all the items in this set, it reminds me of something that I would use and decorate my own living room like in real life.

Art Deco Living Room By ShinoKCR
One of the main reasons why I like this set is because of the mix between modern and somewhat of an antique styles.  This set is great if you want more of a fancy living room or more of a classy home.  This set even comes with a cute little tin or metal tea set.

I love all of these sets and I always seem to use them in my builds.  All the links for where you can find this CC is linked above.  I hope that you all enjoy this amazing CC that the community has created.  Just as a little P.S., Origin is giving the Sims 4 base game away for FREE until May 28, 2019.  So if you don’t already have the base game, now is your time to get it!

Thank you everyone for reading.  I really enjoy finding new CC to share with everyone and find new creators that make the most amazing work.  Out of all the CC I shared for this post, what was your favorite? What do you want me to share next?  I would love to know!

Until next time,

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