Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Nancy Drew Midnight In Salem Release Date Announced

I can’t believe it!  Its finally happening!  I need to take a minute to process all of this… After 4, very long and patient years its finally happening!  Nancy Drew: Midnight In Salem if finally being release on November 19th, 2019!  This has literally been a dream come true for all fans of the beloved Nancy Drew game series and I am jumping for joy at this announcement!  They also shared a new teaser for the upcoming game featuring Mei Parry with a completely new look!

There has been so much information that has been released today and I can't wait to dive into everything that has been released so far.  Now let's go over all the new information that Her Interactive has released at 11:55 am on May 1st!

Now let's first start with the announcement for the game!  We have all been patiently waiting for the announcement of when the game was going to be released and now the game is going to be officially released on November 19th, 2019.  I really hope that this extra time gives them time to polish up the game and make it one of the best Nancy Drew games released to date.

We can start Pre-Ordering the game on October 1st this year!  So I will definitely will be saving the date, waiting until I can go and buy my copy of the game early.  Also I would highly recommend pre-ordering from their site as they give people who preorder extra goodies in the game that is only for people that pre-order.

"Mei Parry has spent her young life pulled between two extremes – the near-crushing protective attention by her parents and sister Teegan, and the cruel gazes and whispers by the local townsfolk.  Mei’s mysterious past haunts her when she is accused and placed under questioning by the Salem police for the recent fire at the Hawthorne Estate.  Few of the townspeople are surprised and offer little support. Unfortunately for Mei, multiple scars publicly mark her mistakes of the past and results in a constant reminder that she often seeks to hide. Only those closest to Mei understand that her deepest pain can also be her greatest strength. Can Nancy Drew help Mei or has she gone too far this time?"

Now it also seems that they changed not only Mei Parry's look, but her background story as well.  The original storyline focus on a disfigurement in her eyes making people believe that she is a witch.  However, Mei now has a new character bio.  Now her past mistakes and actions that make people believe a different story.  I also seem to get a "I'm a disgruntle teenager" vibe from her new look, but thats just me.  As the way she is posed in her character bio, instead of her previous image that gives me a more of a "I'm scared and nervous" feeling.

If you haven't watched this little teaser for Midnight in Salem, this shows us the first glimpse into the game!  We also get to hear Mei speak.  This is why I get the "I'm a disgruntle teenager" vibe.  I get that the feeling that she might not be as innocent as I originally assumed.  Now it seems that Mei and Teegan are sisters!  That was something I never thought of before as their last names are the same but it never crossed my mind.

Her Interactive also release a new trailer for their company on YouTube!  Which if anyone noticed who was speaking, they possibly shared more of Nancy's voice.  Now, I cannot share what I really think about her voice, since I want to wait until the game is released to comment on what I think.

Thank you every for reading!  I am so excited for this game to be released and I can't wait to get my hands on it.  So are you excited for the new and upcoming Nancy Drew game, and if so, what do you feel was one of the most exciting things that has been released about Midnight in Salem today?  I would love to know down in the comments.

Midnight In Salem Store Page

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