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How to Organize Your Sims 4 CC

When it comes to organizing Sims 4 Custom Content or CC, it's the easiest thing int he world but if not done properly then it can really be a pain.  For todays post I’m sharing with you the best way to organize your content so that you can easily find item that you use.  This post is going to be a very long one due to the amount of information I’m listing.

This post will help you set up your Resource file to begin organizing your custom content, show an example on how you can set up your CC files, and the best way to save the files incase you have to update, add too, or completely remove.  So let's get started!

Before you just begin downloading a bunch of content you first need to organize your files.  Since you will be create a ton of sub files in you mods folder you will first need to edit the Resources file in your mods folder.  To find your mods go in to you’re system and look for:

Document - Electronic Arts Folder - The Sims 4 - Mods

Depending on where you choose to install your game it will change the first location but the last three will always remain the same.  Next use a text editing program to edit the code.  I use TextEdit but anything close to this program will work.  You can either copy and paste the code I have below or you can type if in by hand.

Resource File Configuration:

Priority 500
PackedFile *.package
PackedFile */*.package
PackedFile */*/*.package
PackedFile */*/*/*.package
PackedFile */*/*/*/*.package
PackedFile */*/*/*/*/*.package
Priority 1000
PackedFile Overrides\*\*\*\*\*.package

Now comes the fun part of deciding what to name your files.  I have a total of 8 files on mine but you don’t to have them all or you could have more depending on what you want.  My files are Build, Buildings, Buy, Clothing, Game Mods, Hair, Makeup, Skin Details.  So heres a little description on each of these files.

Build holds items that you would normally fine in building your sims home such as Doors, windows, arches, flooring, grass, trees, skylights, and walling.  Each of these have their own separate sections unless they are similar.  Items such  as the Doors, Windows, and Arches go in one folder, and Grass and Trees in another folder.

Building hold the items for certain building that I have downloaded.  Note this only holds the CC items for the build not the building its self.  You will still need to take the tray folder given to you and add it into your own tray folder in The Sims 4 folder.

Buy is probably one of the most popular places to hold CC for me.  This folder holds all the items for decorating rooms or even food decorations.  This folder is section by rooms or its theme of items such as Holiday items, a bathroom, or electronics.  This is just a few of the folders I have in mine.

Clothing simply explained holds all the clothing types for each age.  The same is done for hair as well.  Makeup is organized on where on the face it goes for example all eyeliners will go in the folder for eye makeup.  Skin Details is a folder simply for those that want to have a more realistic skin for their sims.  If you want all of these items to be one folder then you can combine the folders.

Now before you begin to add custom content to your game I need to be very clear with one thing.  For every item or set your download do not mix these items up!  This is crucial incase you have to remove anything from your game.

Instead, take each set or item and create the folder it.  Then place it into the section that matches one of the ones you have created.  Here’s a little bit of an example of what I have starting off with me already in my mods folder.

Mods - Buy - Bedroom - Costal Bedroom

For this example I’m going to pretend that I downloaded a bedroom set named “Costal Bedroom.”  Well, first I’m going to find the location that I want to place this set, which would be in the Buy section and place it under a category of Bedroom.  Now that I’m in the Bedroom folder I’m going to create a Brand New Folder to place the items of this set in.

Now incase these items need to be updated in the future , I need to be able to look them back up again.  So before I download the item I want to copy the title of set.  This can be found usually above the image of what you are downloading.  You can then just remake the new file by copy and paste the title.  For this example it gave me the title Costal Bedroom.

Theres only one thing left to do then you should be a pro at this in no time.  Before downloading or going back to the webpage after downloading, copy the image for the items on the page and save it to the folder.  This will help you identify whats in the set incase you accidentally forget or if your looking for a specific item.

If you want to check out my other Sims post where I share my favorite custom content or ever my favorite places to go for custom content then you can go here to see all my posts I’ve written about Sims 4 CC.

Thank you everyone for reading!  I hope this helps you on your journey to organizing your custom content.  If you have any questions then please let me know.  I know that custom content can be a bit scary and when I first started to play with it I had no idea what I was doing but now after playing with Mods and custom content for 4 years I’ve somewhat have gotten the hang of it.

Until next time,

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