Sunday, December 2, 2018

When It Feels Like Christmas 2018

When it comes to Christmas time, theres just a special feeling in the air that make me just happy and joyful.  I don’t really know what exactly causes this feeling but its just something that I look for every Christmas.  Sometimes is super easy to find while other times its just a tad more difficult.  So I thought I would share with you when it feels like Christmas to me.

I think the first thing would have to be the Christmas music.  It's the first thing that starts on the music channel on TV.  At 10 a.m. the channel ends it's Halloween music and it replaced with the happiness and joy of Christmas music.  Every year Daniella (The Little Book Spy) and I turn the channel on and listen to Christmas music all day long.  Its just puts a smile to our face and I just makes us super happy and cheerful.

Now not to long after music turns on, the true fun of the Christmas spirit begins!  October just ended and November has just begun and the itch to put up lights and decorations go into full effect.  Daniella and I are waiting for the first sign of free time to pack away the Halloween decorations and replace them with the beautiful warm lights of the Christmas tree.  The garland, tinsel, lights, Christmas themed decorations just make everything seem special.

Sometimes it's not the decorations that put me into the Christmas mood.  Though most of the times it is.  I find that the weather makes it feel like Christmas.  As the air turns from a warm heat to a cool breeze, and the trees are now bare of leaves.  Now if it was snowing then this would just complete the Christmas feeling, however thats very unlikely in Arizona.

I think that food has to be another big factor to this.  I love to bake all year round but baking during the holidays just gives me a great sense of encouragement for baking.  It doesn’t matter if it the smell of cakes and cookies in the oven or the smell of soups, stews, or any meal for that matter.  It just gives a great sense of home.

Thank you all for reading.  When it comes to Christmas I just feel as if there need to be a few things before I can consider it Christmas and these few things just put me fully into the Christmas spirit.

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  1. I love this, I think these are the reasons why I also love this time of year as well! The music, the lights, decorations, and show all put me in a good mood. I LOVE eating the good too! ��