Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Best Way to Test Christmas Light ~ Light Keeper Pro Review

Every year I have to replace or change out Christmas bulbs on my tree.  Some times there are only about 3-4 bulbs that have gone out, some times its 10+ bulbs.  Then theres times where the entire light strand decided to blow out all the bulbs or half of the strand of lights goes completely out.

Well, for todays Blogmas post, I’m going to be reviewing the Light Keeper Pro.  I first bought this at Walmart back in 2017.  My stay lit tree was only half way lit and I was really dreading having to cut all the lights off the tree and I was looking for a way to solve this problem without de-stranding my tree.

While I was looking for the best way to fix my tree I came across the Light Keeper Pro.  After watching a few videos on how it worked as all the I decided to kick the bucket and buy it.  The device was very simple and easy to use, as long as you read the instructions correct, which at first I didn't.  This little device will become you new best friend this Christmas, I will guarantee it.

The device can be used to help pull bulbs out of their sockets, test light strands to see if they still work, and test light bulbs to make sure they still work.  This tool is a must have!  I have been using this tool to help me replace bulbs this year is not only a nail saver but its a life saver when it comes to making sure you don't throw out bulbs that still work.  Trying to pull the bulbs out of the socket by hand would destroy my nails and I hated changing any bulbs because of this.  Now because I have this tool my nails are saved and I no longer have to spend 15 minutes to take a bulb out and replace it.  So if the wiring in the bulb has broke or has turned black, all you need to due is use the little device on front, pop it out, and replace the bulb.

I will say that some times light strands are beyond saving as wiring is always prone to break.  Which means that you have to throw out the light set and get a new one.  As I soon found out about my tree.  About half way through the Christmas season my tree lights finally kicked the buck and went permanently dark due to bad wiring and blowing all the bulbs on the set.  Bad wiring is not really fixable but this device will help you determine if you need should throw away that set or not.  Also I do not believe that this device is compatible with certain lights so I would check to see if your lights are compatible or not.  If they're not, then the device will sadly not work.

Thank you everyone for reading.  I hope this little device can help you this Christmas.  I will say that this device is worth the money.  However, make sure your light strands are comparable before you buy it or it will be useless in helping you with your tree.  I don't think I could have gone another Christmas without this device as I had something similar happen this year but I was able to fix it because of this device.  That and I was able to shake the strand and have it magically turn on.  So another Christmas full of pretty lights everywhere.

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