Monday, December 31, 2018

My Flourishing Retrospect Overview 2018

I can’t believe how fast time has gone.  One day I was creating my first blog, the next its 4 years later I’ve change the name and focused more on what I wanted to blog about and I've created a blog that I'm so proud of.  This New Years I want to kind of use this post as a reflection on what my blog has been to me and what I’ve done to help improve it over the last 6 months.

To start off the beginning of the year, well more like February, I took the leap and changed my blogs name, creating a whole new image of what I wanted my blog to be.  Four months later in June, I finally decided to get my blog back up and running again and challenged myself to post every Friday at noon.  At first I had no idea what I could write or even where to start.  My posts were getting pretty close to stopping again because I had no idea what I could write.

So I decided, why don’t I just make a list of all the dates that I want to post on and write my ideas there.  In the end, I ended up with about 20 different dates up until the end of December with a ton of ideas.  I felt pretty good about my list of post I created.  The next thing I knew was that I had complete almost 90% of the ideas in one sitting.  I was amazed at how much progress I had made for my blog and couldn’t wait to get started.

Then came my next big challenge, what to fill my other blank dates I had left.  Well, I did what any person would have done, I went and asked for some advice from the one blogger who knew knew my struggle to keep up with blogging, Daniella from The Little Book Spy.  The one thing she suggested to me was Sims 4 post ideas, tags, and anything she knew I was interested in.  

After debating I decided to take my chances with my new Sims 4 series and they have been so much fun to write.  I’ve also tries to become more talkative online by not only participating in chat but hosting them as well.  I have hosted 3 chats for Blogger Love Share and they have been so much fun.  I’m so happy that I was able to not only host this chat but I was able to talk to so many people.

It was unbelievable how many people I've talked too over the last few months.  Normally I’m to shy to talk very much, most of the time I will just hit like on posts without replying or I might reply but thats very rare.  I’ve become more comfortable talking online with others though it still is nerve-racking for me.  I’ve feel as if I’ve growing as a person, just little bits at a time.  Even though I fall back into old habits, I'm still trying to improve on being a bit more social.

This year I've also had what I'm considering a very successful Blogmas by posting over 25 posts from the 1st of December until the 25th.  I never expected to write that many post and to be honest I was only originally going to write 12 post but I tackled the challenged and was able to post all 25 days!  I've had such a fun time reading everyones wonderful posts.  

I can’t wait for the New Year and all the ideas that will follow.  This journey that I’ve gone on for my blog has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to continue into 2019.  So heres my last blog post of 2018 and well wishes to 2019!

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my very last 2018 post before we move on into 2019.  I can’t wait for what lies ahead in the future and I hope that everyone will join me as my blog and I go forward.

Until 2019,

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  1. Job well done Jordan!�� I'm so glad that I got to meet you when I started my blogging Journey and I always enjoy reading your blog posts (even though I'm not a big player of Sims myself - that's cause of my crappy laptop!). I think you did incredibly well for blogmas as well! I know you will do even better in the upcoming year. Have a happy new year girl! ��