Friday, December 14, 2018

Favorite Sims 4 Christmas CC

Now I couldn't not do Blogmas without at least having one Sims 4 CC going up, so today I'm share a few Christmas themed CC sets!  I don’t know what it is about me and find CC but somehow I always end up down the rabbit hole of holiday items, or more specifically, Christmas items of all shapes and sizes.  I have a ton of Christmas related content so I'm going to share a few will you all.  I hope you all enjoy my Christmas CC finds!

This has to be one of my favorite Christmas packs I have found to date.  You get a Christmas tree, stockings, wreaths, fireplace decor, blankets, presents, and pillows all in the theme for Christmas.  I’ve gotten to the point of where I only want to decorate my Sims home using these items.  

I’m a big fan of food during the holidays season and these cute Christmas themed treats are so adorable.  Sadly these are only decorations and your sims cannot eat them.  The cute little houses would be a great decoration in a kitchen or even in a hallway to help spread the Christmas cheer throughout the house.

This set is probably the one of brightest sets .  The light blues, pinks, and purples really make this a bright and merry Christmas, different to the usual ruby red and pine green.  This set still has these colors in there stockings, and pine decorations, making this set more of a modern Christmas design set.  However if you’re looking for more of a traditional look then this set has this as well.

Heres another set of cute holiday treats with cupcakes, a cake log, cake pops and even a Ginger Bread house!  I just love all the items in this set.  It had one of my favorite food decorations because all the food looks so professional made, as if you sims went to a baker to order these sweets.

I find that the Estrela set has some of the cutes candles I have ever found.  Also if you look closely I think you might recognize some of the candle used from my Victorian build.  The candles give off just a lovely light and they definitely give the room just a lovely cozy feeling.

Thank you for reading everyone!  I hope you enjoyed some of my Sims 4 Christmas CC favorites.  Were getting closer to Christmas with only 11 more days!  I’m super excited for Christmas and playing with these decorations is putting me in the Christmas mood.  If you like these kinds of post them please let me know.  I’m really enjoying these kinds of post and would really like to continue them so please let me know what you would want to see next.

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