Thursday, December 6, 2018

Custom Christmas Ornament ~ Review

As my Blogmas post continue, I’ve been looking up a bunch of different things I could do and this year I found the cutest thing I could possible ever find and that is a custom Christmas ornament.  I fell in love with the idea the second I laid eyes on it.  After adding my two kitties into my family I needed to get something to remember my family members and kitties and puppies.  So for this post I’m going to be reviewing my cute new ornament today.

While looking up Blogmas post ideas I realized that I didn’t have a stocking for my two kitties.  So as everyone does, I choose to go to Amazon and look.  While looking for what seems to be an impossible find.  I happened to stumble upon custom Christmas ornaments.

The ornament in the photo above is made by Ornaments by Elves and the design was of stockings on a mantle.  After seeing this design I knew I had to order one.  Now, since I wanted to put all of my family and pets names on here I chose to go with the larger family set of 9.  This ornament can be ordered with 2-10 stockings.  Once I got it, I was love with the ornament, it is now one of my favorite ornaments that I own!

The ornament is very well made, with a lightweight cast resin martial with red sparkly stockings.  When they shipped the ornament they had it wrapped up really well to keep it from breaking while they shipped.  The writing on the ornament is written by hand by talented artist and I think thats what makes this ornament so special.

After receiving it I just gushed over how cute and adorable it looked.  It was exactly what I need to make this Christmas special this year.  I would highly recommend you go and check out there ornaments and get something special this year.  Theres only a limited number of ornaments left in each so if you want to buy one this year then go get one now.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you can get something special this Christmas.  I am so happy that I found this ornament and I my tree looks so cute with it.  They have so many ornaments to choose from as well so if you want a different style or design then you can easily find one that will fit you and your family.

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