Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cookies to Bake This Holiday


As I’ve said in previous post, I just love to bake and I have so many ideas of what I want to bake this year.  Well, this year is the year where I’m really in the mood to bake a bunch of cookies of all different kinds.  From the usual cookies that I love to bake with a bunch of new ones that I’ve just been recently introduced too.

Rolled Out Sugar Cookies
I couldn’t leave this off my list.  I’ve already baking at least 2 batches of these cookies this holiday and I expect to bake more this month.  If you want to make these cookies for yourself, you can go to my post here so you can try them for yourself.

This is a family favorite and it wouldn’t be Christmas without these delicious cookies.  These are always some of the first cookies to disappear, other than my popular sugar cookies.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Now this is a recipe that I could love to test out this year.  I may just substitute a small part of my flour in my rolled out sugar cookies to make a chocolate batch this year.  So I can’t wait to bake these

Brownie Cookies
Now I have never heard of Brownie cookies before until just recently but they look super yummy.  Now I’m on the hunt for a recipe for these yummy cookies.

Apple Oatmeal Cookies
I’ve been baking with a lot of apple recently and just some simple apple and oatmeal cookies just sound really good.  I cant wait to try and make a batch for myself.

Thank you all for reading.  I hope that this list cookies has helped inspired you when it comes to baking this holiday season.  I will be having a few more baking post ideas in the coming days to make sure you keep an eye for some more holiday baking ideas.

Unit next time,


  1. These sound amazing definitely will. Try!!!!!

  2. I have never tried brownie cookies but I love brownies! !! I also love snickeredoodles so I need to get myself some of those as well :)

    1. I can't wait to make some brownie cookies as well. They looked super good when I saw them.