Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2018

When it comes to Christmas stockings stuffers, I’m always trying to come up with cute and small items that I can put in my stockings.  Each and every year it's a struggle to think of new things that I can get.  So this year I though why not share with you a list of items that you can put in everyones stockings this year.

Now this is one of my most common go to choices when doing stockings.  They can be small bite size candies or large candy bars.  I just love going into the candy isle and picking out what I want to get for my family and most importantly, myself.  I always find myself going for the Christmas themed candy such as Twix and Snickers.  However I do sometimes go a grab a box of strawberry and grape Nerds because I just love the candy.

Gift Cards
This is probably another easy gift you can give to someone.  It's super easily to go out and buy a gift card if you don’t know what to get them exactly.  You could get them a gift card to a spa, to there favorite store, or you could even give them a gift card or gift certificate to their favorite books store.

Beauty Products
Now this is something new to my usual list of items.  Though I’m not a big fan bath bombs and face masks,  I still find that this can be a great gift for anyone that loves beauty products.  So items such as hair masks, bath bombs, nail polish, lip balm, and pony tails can be a great stocking stuffer idea.

Holiday Socks
Now you can have a stocking without any socks in it.  Every year my family and I put either in holiday themed socks that we can wear for the day or just your average every day socks, which is sometimes can be more practical than Christmas sock but then thats up to you.

You can never have enough cute note pads and pens.  This is something new I’m considering adding to my stocking shopping list because I do most of my writing on the computer, but this year I'm hoping to stick a note pad or journal in a few stockings.  I also believe that there are even some places where you can ever get items customize for you with your name or your love ones name.

There are so many cute simple pieces of Christmas themed jewelry out in store.  There are some even cuter ones made by small business out on websites like Esty and other website.  So if you're thinking of buying some cute jewelry pieces then I would highly recommend looking at buying some from small businesses and help support there jewelry business.

Thank you all for reading.  I hope this helps you when it comes to stocking stuffer ideas this Christmas.  I know for one this will probably help me with what I want to buy this year.  We're almost to the end of Blogmas and I can't believe how much I have written so far.  Its been an amazing experience to blog for almost 25 days and I've learned so much from this experience.  So keep your eye out for tomorrows new post.

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