Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Every Christmas I try and make something new for breakfast each year.  Well, for todays Blogmas post number 20, I’m going to be sharing a few Christmas breakfast ideas that you can make.  You don’t have to make anything super fancy unless you want too.  There are so many creative ideas on Pinterest that have sparked my interest on what I want to make this year.  So lets get to all they yummy ideas!

Now whether you using a box mix or making them by hand, doughnuts are a favorite for everyone!  I made some last year and they were really good.  Not as good as my local bakery that I buy them from but there slowly getting there!  There are tons of ways to make doughnuts, one is with using a cake mix, making the pastry dough, or by using a box mix to make Beignets.  To make things extra fun you can color your icing different colors or add a dash of sprinkles on top to make them super fun and festive.

Cinnamon Rolls
This has to be a favorite in my house.  It's super simple and easy to make if you using pre-made cinnamon rolls.  Who can resist Pillsbury cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.  You can even make it festive by adding a little bit of green foo coloring to the icing and make little trees out of the cinnamon roll to make cute Christmas tree shaped cinnamon rolls.

Pancake Cookie Cut Out
I really love this idea.  It so simple to make these and they are great fun.  All your need to do is make your pancake batter and before you pour it onto your hot pancake a cookie cutter of your choice and place it on the pan.  Make use you oil it before so you batter does not stick.  Once your ready to cook all you have too do it pour the batter into the cookie cutter and there you have a cookie cutter shape pancake!  When you go to flip it remember to remove the cookie cutter safely and then flip the pancake.

I love making Blueberry Muffins for Christmas as they are a simple and health breakfast choice in my opinion.  You can a number of different muffins with all kinds of fruits.  This is a super healthy alternative if you don’t want something full of sugar and have more of a natural baked sweet.

Coffee Cake
I love making coffee cake.  I don’t make it often but whenever I have a morning to just bake I always try to bake it, well if I remember it.  My favorite part has to be the brown and white sugar mixture with butter that bakes to a crisp making the pancake mix bellow super yummy.

I hope you all enjoyed my little list of ideas for Christmas breakfast.  I tried to make all my suggestions super fun and items that can be fun and colorful for your Christmas Breakfast.  I tired to keep this post focused on treats since I have such a big sweet tooth.

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