Friday, December 7, 2018

12 Kind Things To Do This Christmas

I hope everyone is have fun this Blogmas.  Were on to Blogmas post number 4.  I’ve been having so much fun writing all of these and I though, since this is the season for giving why don’t I share with everyone a few acts of kindness you can do this season.  There are so many kind and selfless things you can do this holiday season and this year I want to share just a few things that everyone can do this year!

1.  Donate a toys or books to a toy drive.
There are toy drives everywhere nowadays .  By buying a toy or even a book for a child this holiday season, this will make any child’s Christmas Day one of the best days in the world.  

2.  Donate to your local food bank.
This has to be one of the most important things you could do this holiday or all year round.  Local food banks are always in need of canned and boxed food and during the holiday season they need it any more.  I know that many store will also offer bags of food that they will donate to food banks so take a small amount 

3.  Pay it Forward
This could be helping someone pay for there groceries or helping someone with there Christmas list.  It could be just buying the coffee for the person behind you.  It will certainly help make someones day extra special.

4.  Listen
Sometimes during the holiday season not everyone is jolly and joyful.  Wether is a co-worker or a complete stranger, it would be very much appreciative to them if they could have someone to vent too.

5.  Help Other Decorate for Christmas
Decorating by yourself isn’t fun, sometime having friends or family to help you decorate helps put you into a festive mood.  Whether you're helping your grandparent, your parents, you neighbor, or even friends it will definitely bring a smile to their face this holiday season.

6.  Donate to the Salvation Army
I always try and make a donation every year.  They are such a wonderful organization and help so many people every year.

7.  Do a Secret Santa
There are so many ways you can do a secret Santa.  The idea of it is the you become Santa this year and you can buy a gift for someone without them knowing who its from.  This can be a gift for your neighbors child, a gift to a random stranger, or someone close to home.  This can help bring a smile to any ones face knowing that someone wish to make them happy.

8.  Donate Warm Clothing or other Necessities to Shelters
Every winter its always necessary to have warm clothing.  To do some good this season, you can take your old coats, hats, gloves, and other clothing items and donate them to homeless shelters this season.

9.  Give a pet a home this season.
There are so many cats and dogs wishing for a home this season and the though of leaving them to be alone just breaks my heart.  This year, consider adopting a pet and bringing joy and happiness to your family.  I have adopted 2 dogs many years ago, and just this year 2 cats from a shelter and my family loves all of our pets.

I will say this though, before you adopt, I want you to think really hard about the commitment it takes to have a pet.  Animals are a full time commitment.  They need love and care just as much as you and I do in life.  When adopting you are promising to care for it for the rest of their life and it's a promise that they will have a forever home with you and your family.  Please adopt responsibly, and understand the commitment before you adopt you new best friend.  If you cannot adopt then please donate to your local shelters.  They need our help to be able to provided for so many animals.

10.  Volunteer
There are so many volunteer opportunities this holiday season and they need people to hope them accomplish there goals.  Ever if you cannot physically volunteer you can still donate to their cause.

11.  Buy Yourself a Gift
Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves during the holiday season.  We are all focuses on trying to make others happy that sometimes we forget to do anything for ourselves.

12.  Take care of yourself this Holiday season.
I know that the holiday season can be tough for some people.  Thats why this holiday season please take care of yourself.  Know that you are never alone and that there will always be someone to talk to if you are feeling down, if you're struggling.  If you know anyone that is struggling then please try and reach out to them and let them know that they are not alone.

Thank you all for reading.  I hope you enjoyed my 12 Kind Things to Do This Christmas.  This holiday season make it a goal for yourself to try and be kind to not only to other but to yourself as well.  I would highly recommend that this year we all try to be kind and help one another this year.  I would love to hear what everyone doing this holiday season to be kinds and selfless.

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  1. These are some fantastic ideas! I've been really wanting to do something to give back this season and these are sparking some ideas for me!

    1. I'm so happy that you liked my ideas Megan and how they helped inspire you with your own ideas.