Friday, November 9, 2018

Favorite Sims 4 Autumn Clothing

After coming up with my autumn theme decoration set, I found a quiet a few cute clothing items that I just had to share.  Since its still autumn and it will not be winter for a little while longer, I thought why not share with you one more autumn theme Sim 4 CC find.

I just love these shirts!  They are so adorable and look just super comfy and fun for autumn.  However you will need to go and download the original mesh before you can use these shirts here.

These have to be one of the cutes cardigans I have seen in the Sims 4.  I don’t know what it is about me and sims wearing cardigans but I’m always dressing them with one.    This set has 8 different colors and I just love them all.

As the weather gets cooler you know its time to pull out your winter coat and why shouldn’t your sims.  These have to be some of the most stylish coats I have seen.  They have this business casual look to them and they seem to go with almost anything.  

I alway remember seeing these coats in store and wanting to buy one just because of how cute they were.  Its a simple winter coat and have such lovely plaid patterns and my sims kids look super cute.

Now you don’t want to forget to dress up your toddlers against the cold autumn air and these cute coats are just the things to keep them warm and dry.  These are just the cutes and my Sims toddlers look adorable.

Thank you everyone for reading!  There were so many cute autumn/winter themed clothing that I would love to share so I tried to stick to a minimum of five items so that I don’t spam you with a bunch of CC.  All of these items work in my game as of October 14 so everything should work fine in your game.  I tried to get a mix for all the items that I found. So that there was at least one items per age in the game.  I would love to hear some feed back about my Sims 4 CC series on what you think about these kinds of post.  So comment below what you think.

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