Friday, October 19, 2018

Scary Games to Play This Halloween

When it comes to Halloween everyone is trying to get spooked and scared.  Some people read books, watch scary TV shows, while I play games.  This Halloween is no exception.  So, I thought, why not share what kind of game you should play with Halloween.  Now, do know I’m not the biggest horror game, so my list if going to be very short. However, this will not stop me from sharing a few suggestions.

Dead By Daylight
If you’re not playing Dead By Daylight on Halloween getting chased by the killer The Spirt, Legendary Michael Myers, or and other horror movie characters then you might be doing Halloween wrong.  The objective of the game is simple, work with your team to start generators to escape but be warned the killer will do everything to stop you.  I will also be playing this game during Halloween with Daniella so look out people of the fog.  I also wrote a review on this game back in 2017 so go check it out here for more info on the game.

Among the Sleep
Now this game has to be one of the most terrifying games that I have played.  Nothing can be scarier than this child’s imagination.  The game focus on a child trying to find his mother along with his helpful teddy.  Though out the game you need to solve puzzles to advance while also avoiding the evil monsters trying to stop you. 

Until Dawn
Now this is one of the best horror games you could play for Halloween.  This game focus on 8 teens who decided to go on holiday to a cabin in Blackwood Mountain. After arriving they being holding there holiday party until one girl disappears.  A year later the group of people return to find that not everything is at is seems in Blackwood Mountain.  I couldn't hand playing this game myself so I ended up watching Jacksepticeye and Markiplier play these games.

Black Mirror Series
These games are at the highest levels of creepy.  Though there’s not any thing truly scary about these games, they still have a gothic thriller theme to them.  There are 4 game using the Black Mirror name, the 2017 release of Black Mirror and Black Mirror 1-3.  I would highly recommend you play the older Black Mirror series since it is one of my favorites.  The first game focus on Samual Gordon returning to his family home, however nothing is a it seems. Since his grandfathers sudden death considering a suicide by everyone by Samual.  Samual then goes on a quest to find out about his families dark secrets.

Layers of Fear
Now I’m not sure if this is a horror game or some kind of gaming crazy hell.  The game focus on you controlling a psychologically disturbed painter who is trying to complete is magnum opus as he navigates though his puzzle filled home.

Thank you for readying everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed a list of my games you should play this Halloween.  A few of these games I’ve either played or have watched others play online because I couldn't handle being in charge of keyboard.  I hope you all have fun time playing these games!

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  1. I haven’t heard if half of these, they sound interesting!

  2. Until dawn scared the crap out of me when my friends played it! !I'm a baby when it comes to scary anything!