Friday, October 12, 2018

Favorite Sims 4 CC Halloween Decor

Whenever it comes to Halloween I’m always going overboard with new ideas on how to celebrate since I’ve gotten old.  Well let’s just say that my new Halloween tradition is playing games that have Halloween themes in the game or in this case, decorating my Sims 4 house with Halloween decorations and dressing them up.  Ever since the Sims 3 had Halloween I’ve always wanted to have my sims have a Halloween party and decorate.  Now with seasons in the game I finally can with the calendar mode.

For this favorite Sims 4 CC I decided to split this up into 2 part this week of course will be my favorite decorations to use in your sims house.  After all you have to decorate before you can dress up.  On October 26th, my favorite Halloween costumes, clothing, and makeup will go live just in time for Halloween.  So, let’s get right to it!


If you aren’t decorating with pumpkins for Halloween, then you in my book are a monster.  These cute pumpkin lamps are one of the cutest Halloween items I have seen.  They would make a great table piece specifically if your Sim is having a Halloween party. You could also put them on the front porch for all the cute trick or treaters.

 If you just want a just a little something to decorate then this set is for you.  This set focuses on a simple and cute Halloween table set, pumpkin cupcakes, and candles. I think that this is really cute and it just makes for a great Halloween themed Dining Room.

It can’t be Halloween without treats and these cute cookies, cakes, candy, and punch are a must have if you’re throwing a Halloween party.  To my knowledge your sims can’t eat or drink any of these.  They are more of a decoration than actual food, but that’s ok.  You can just pretend your sims and their sims friends are eating them.

 These have to be the scariest decorations I have ever seen in the sims.  Most of them are just simple and cue but these scream spooky.  I just love the pumpkins and the pumpkin monster that looks like it about ready to get you.

Out of all the items I have found my Halloween CC these have to be my favorite.  They are cute and simple and remind me of the older Halloween decoration I would see when I was younger.  This is definitely going into my Sims house when I decorate for Halloween.

I just love these dining room styles sets with all the food and drinks on them.  They really make your sims dining room table come alive this Halloween.  You have the bowls of pumpkin soup, a punch bowl, and your spooky table cloth.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all enjoyed my favorite Halloween decorations.  There were so many CC items that I wanted to share but I tried to keep it to a minimum.  So, if you want to get notified when that post goes live please hit that follow button on the right side of my blog.  You can also follow me on Twitter to know when the post goes live.

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