Friday, October 26, 2018

Favorite Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes

Its 5 days until Halloween and now has come the time for makeup and costumes, well in the Sims that is. As promised here is a list of some of the cutes CC for the Sims 4.  Now, I wasn’t able to find very many children costumes, and quite frankly costumes that were rated G for the adults.  However, I did find a few things that were super cute.

This has to be my favorite costume I have seen so far.  Every year I like to consider myself a modern-day witch and this outfit fits the kind of costume that I would want to wear in real life.  I have tested this out in sims and it looks wonderful.

It was very difficult to find any male costumes and when I saw this I was supper happy to have  finally have found at least one Halloween outfits for the guys.  This outfit reminds me so much of the Sims Medieval Pirate and Nobles pack.  That at it looks like your everyday pirate with an eye patch and all.

This face paint is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  When you think about skull face paint there are a few that are just simple skulls.  This makeup is absolutely wonderful!  It looks so real and it really reminds me of a beautiful sugar skull.

This has to be one of the cutest lip designs I have seen.  If your Sim ism really into the whole dress up but still wants to have a little bit of the Halloween spirt then this is definitely for you.  I will say this though; the dark part of the lipstick isn’t very dark and looks more like a dark grey when I put it on my Sim.

Even though Halloween is almost over, your sims kids can still be in the festive spirit by wearing these cute Halloween pajamas!  These are so adorable and can't get over the fact that I'm just now finding these.

Another way to dress up for Halloween and keep it small and simple is by of course, wearing jewelry!  These cute bat earrings and necklace set are super cute and simple.  They give your sim just enough of a Halloween vibe that you could pare them with almost anything in your sims closet.

Thank you all for reading and I hoped you enjoyed some of my Halloween costume finds.  There weren’t very many children costumes to pick from and since I was having trouble one girls costume and one boys.  I still had fun look at all the costumes, make up, and accessories.  Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love the sugar skulls face paint and the pumpkin lips!! I think it's so cool you can do so much in Sims 😊

  2. Omg this brought back old memories as I used to be a huge huge Sims player! Love this post, the Pumpkin lips are super cute!