Friday, September 28, 2018

Favorite Sims 4 CC Autumn

Since it’s autumn, I though why not make your Sims dream of Autumn as well.  This is my second post sharing my favorite Sims 4 CC, and I though why not make this one themed my favorite autumn décor.  I’m always building houses and I thought, let’s share your excitement for cooler weather, the yellow, red, and orange leaves.  While looking though my CC folders, I noticed I didn’t have very many autumn themed CC. So, then I set off to find the loveliest CC for autumn.  While looking I couldn’t find very many things but at last I found some of the cutest decorations and room sets to share off.  As of September 10, all of the CC in this post has worked in my game.

While build my Victorian house I found this cute apple decoration set.  These just scream its autumn, especially the yellow red colored apples.  I believe that these be a great decoration for maybe your sims kitchen or in your dining room.

It’s not autumn without pumpkins and this set has some of the cutest one’s I’ve seen.  There are even cute pumpkin shaped candles!  I will definitely be using this set in my next build.

There can never be to many pumpkins when your decorating for autumn and these would be great for decorating outside of your sims house. These would be great to put in your sims garden.

This room is to die for.  I just love the rustic theme this room has, especially the colors of dark reds and crèmes.  A lot of these items would make for a great living room, dining room, or a cute and cozy bedroom. The couch and photos on the wall are two of my favorite items in this set.

Now this is what I would call a cute modern autumn themed living room.  The room has some small hints of autumn with the warm browns, yellows, and reds.  Bringing in just a hint of that autumn world in a simple modern setting.

Thank you all for read.  I hope you enjoyed all the CC I’ve share in today’s post.  You can add these CC to your very own game by going to The Sims Resources and downloading them.  If you want to see the other Sims CC I’ve shared you can go here to see all the posts that has CC I've shared of building that I've created using CC.  What your favorite thing about autumn, I would love to know.  Also, what’s your favorite set autumn set that I shared today? 

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