Friday, August 31, 2018

Sims 4 Victorian Manor Part 2

The second part of the Victorian build focuses on the second story of the house.  Most of the rooms here are the main bedrooms and the guest rooms. There aren’t as many rooms as the first floor, however, these rooms in my opinion feel the most personal in the house since they are based on the type of the person living there.  Like in the first post I’m going to be excluding the unimportant rooms and focus on the main rooms.  If you haven't seen the first floor then click here to go and see the beautiful downstairs.

Pink Room
The first bedroom is in front right of the house.  This room I’m considering what would maybe be one for the daughters’ rooms for the family. I used a lot of light pinks, cream, and other pastels colors with lighter colored woods.  Now since most rooms were lit with either candles or a fireplace, I had to add a few extra lights on the walls.

Green Room
I designed the Green room in mind for the oldest sons’ rooms.  In many of the books I’ve read they have always described them with dark strong colors so that’s where the inspiration for this room came from.  Though this room is more grey than green, I still consider it a grey green since its in-between.  Again, the room is decorated simply with a dresser, desk, and bed.  Over in the far corner of the room is where the tower portion is. I used this space and turned it into a sitting room using light blue furniture to give the room a bit a definition from the sleeping portion.

Lilac Room
When creating this room, I decided to go for more of a guest room.  I didn’t really want to put too much furniture into the room since there’s limited space.  However, since it’s a guest room I decided to design this with more of a girly touch, or more of I didn’t want to copy any of the other room designs and purple was the only color I hadn’t used yet so it won in the draw of designs choices I had. Since this is one of the rooms that has its own private balcony (not decorated), I decided to go 

In every house during the Victorian era, there was always a nursery.  Though very similar to what many people call their child’s bedroom. This room was only used when the children were young.  Once they were of age they moved out of the room and into the part of main house. This room was also used when guest brought their children.  So, the children of the owners and the children of the guest would all share the room. Since this room was an extra addition to the house by me, its slightly smaller than what I would have preferred.  I didn’t want to go over board for this room, so I kept the colors somewhat calm.  Since many of the young children are going to share this room, I decided to kind of alternate between pink and blue (that and those were the only colors to choose from that I liked).  To also spruce up the room I also placed a few toys for the children to play with in their room.

Master Bedroom
This rooms were built for the owners of the house.  Though it was common for the husband and wife during this time to have separate rooms I only built one room (I was following the design plan).  For this room, I decided to decorate it with light yellows and creams for all the furniture.  This room is one of the few rooms that has a sit in living room because of its large size. I made sure that each side of the room was designed so that both the occupants could have their own writing desk they could use if they needed it.

Master Parlor
This room is in the back of the house and is connected to the back of master bedroom.  Unless you are the owners of the house or close family, you will probably never see this room. Since the master bedroom is decorated in creams I decided to continue this pattern in this room as well.  The big open windows all around wall, bringing in a lot of light in the late afternoon giving it a warm welcoming feeling. When I took these pictures, it was 7 a.m. and it was still pretty bright for being so early in the morning.

Dressing Rooms
For each of the dressing rooms, I created one for the wife and one for the husband.  The decorated the ladies dressing room I chose to decorate it in light reds and greens giving it a warm and friendly atmosphere, it kind of reminds me of a rose in a way.  For the men’s dressing room I used dark woods and as dark of greens as I could.  I find that these two rooms are my favorite in the house because they are so small and simple and yet the hold so much importance. In Victorian times it was very common to have separate dressing rooms or closets so to continue with that I designed these two rooms.

Thank you all so much for reading.  I had so much fun building this house and coming up with the designs for each of the rooms, including the ones I left out.  I tried to keep the descriptions of each room short and simple.  I do not have the house on the gallery for one I don’t know how to use it.  Two, I wish to keep my account for the gallery private.  If I ever do decide to share it I will think of a way to do this.  If you haven’t seen the first floor of the design then click here and go take a peek.

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  1. I am Sim crazy! Is there any way for me to download and use this? It's AMAZING. My houses always end up being square boxes 😂

    Jess xx
    Coffee and Corfu

    1. I'm so happy that you liked my Sims 4 build! Sadly, I do not have it uploaded at this time.