Friday, August 31, 2018

Sims 4 Victorian Mannor Part 1

On the July 21st, I decided to ask everyone what kind of house you would like to see me build on the blog in the Sims 4.  The winner of the poll was a Victorian House (Manor). I have always had a soft spot for the Victorian Era specifically the clothing and house designs.  I’ve built something close to Victorian homes before, but today I’m sharing my own creation from this time period.  I’m going to try and keep the descriptions of all the rooms short since there are so many rooms.  Since there are so many rooms, I have decided to write 2 post for the house with a little description.  The link of the second post can be found here if you want to go check it out after reading this one.  Also, I'm sorry if any of the photos are dark, I tried to make sure that there was as much light as possible when taking them and I tried to edit them the best I could.

To help me with the design of the house, I used a set of blue prints from Architectural Designs, plan 23500JD.  This was one of the closest house designs that I found to match what wanted in a Victorian house.  There’re a few things that this house does not have that I added, however, since there just small minor details I’m choosing not to show them off. Things such as bathrooms and side hallways.  Many of the rooms were colored themed with certain patterns and styles.  Since there weren’t very many choices many of the rooms will have similar wall prints in different colors.

Parlor Room
When you are first being introduced to the owners of the house you are often shown to the front parlor room.  This room was used for visiting hours between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. during the day.  Visits were also very short only lasting about 15 to 30 minutes per person.  When decorating this room, I decided to go with bright light yellows to have the room be welcoming.  I decided not to decorate the room to much since this room is considered that meet your host quickly and be on your way.

Music Room
In the corner of the Parlor room there is a small music room.  I couldn’t find any replicas on how to model this room, but I decided to keep it simple by placing a small sitting area close to the piano.  There weren't very many choices for instruments to place here I still find the room simple and charming.

Formal Dinning Room
The room adjacent form the parlor is the formal dining room.  This is was where the family held their meals or held dinner parties.  For this room I decided on a floral pink coloring to.  I kept the decorations light using small decorations such as the flowers on the table, along with the larger paintings on the wall.

Grand Foyer Floors 1 & 2
After entering the house, past the entry hall.  You will be brought into the grand foyer where the stairs to the second floor are.  Since you are more likely to be walking straight through this room there isn't a need to over decorate it except for small things here or there.  In the center of the room I decided to add a small little table with flowers that either the head butler arrange, the lady of the house, or from a suitor who sent flowers.

Red Parlor
In the very back of the house is the family room or the Red Parlor Room. This room is considered private from the rest of the house.  Only people close to the family were allowed entrance here.  I decided to use more of a darker color for this room.  Using a dark red pattern on the 2 story high ceilings. Over on the back wall there is a tea set up waiting to be used by owners.  This would usually be brought in by the maid when rung.  Up above the fire place it as common to have an oil painting of the current owners or of past owners.  

Going back to the hallway before the family room, taking a left you will enter the Study.  This was considered the males domain for business dealings.  This was where most of the paper work was held and such, basically a modern office.  For this room I made it a mix between a dark blue and a lighter blue.  The mix was due to no having a dark blue walling.  I place a small sitting room inside the room for entertaining business people if they come to the house.

On the opposite side of the study you will then enter the kitchen, which is simply a black and white tile with white walls.  This room was where most of the servants were waiting to be called upon by the household.  If servants werens’t there they were off running errands for the family or they were cleaning the house to keep the mansion looking clean and polished showing that the family that lived there had money.

Breakfast Nook
To the back of the kitchen is the breakfast nook or informal dining room.  This room is smaller and is mostly used when not entertaining large amounts of people. This was preferred to be used when there were only a few people in the house and was a place that was for close family.

It was very common for houses such as this, to have a big property a few 100 or so acers.  Many of these properties had gazebos such as the one I build here. This was something extra that I wanted to build on the property since I had some extra space that I didn't know what to do with.  With the gazebo, I decided to build a hedge maze around it to reach the center.

If you want to see the rest of the house, you can go to the second post here to see the second story.  If you liked these kinds of post, please let me know by commenting.  If I get really good feedback from this post then I will try to do more like it.  This house is not uploaded anywhere.  I am the only one that has the copy to the house.  If I choose to upload it then I will update this post with where you can get it, but for now there is none.

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  1. I love it! Everything looks so cool. My favorites are the red parlor and gazebo

    1. I'm so happy you like my build Geraldine! The gazebo was one of my favorites as well.