Friday, August 24, 2018

How to Install Older Nancy Drew Games

When it comes to playing older Nancy Drew games, it seems almost impossible.  However, I have accomplished the impossible and have managed to not only install the disc version of Stay Tuned for Danger, but I have also installed the Original1998 version of Secrets Can Kill!  For the fact that I was able to install the game is a not only a miracle, I want to share this with all of you Nancy Drew fans as well.

This is for the 1998 version of Secrets Can Kill (No longer purchasable), Stay Tuned for Danger, and Message in a Haunted Mansion. You can also use this strategy for other games if you have this problem.  If you have the new download version of Stay Tuned for Danger, then I would just recommend follow the instructions that are given to you when you purchase the game, but if you have the original disc, then here are the steps that you should follow.

Now here are the step to install old Nancy Drew games on Windows 10! 

1.  Creating the File in Document
On your computer, create a file in your documents folder.  The file can be named anything you want but I would recommend that you name the file the game title as you know what it is later.

2.  Set Up File Installation
Next you need to go into your disc files and click the SETUP application if not prompted when you place your disc in your CD drive. When prompted on "where" to install the game, locate the file you created by clicking browse.  For example, [Stay Tuned for Danger] is the file I created in my documents folder.  So I would be looking for this specific file.  Once you’ve located the file you’ve created, click on it and hit ok.

3.  Install the Game
Click next and install the game as recommended as this will keep the game from installing a compacted version.  When prompted to install DirectX click, “No, I will Install DirectX myself” and continue.  The game will then install, and you can now play the game on Windows 10!

Thank you all for reading.  If you have any questions on the process, then please let me know and I will try to help if possible.  Also, if this has helped you please share it with other Nancy Drew fans so that they can play some of these older games too.  This will work on Parallels and boot camp for Mac computers so there should be no problem when it comes to the type of windows you are using.  This process should also work for windows 7 and 8.

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  1. Loved being able to play the older Nancy Drew games on our Windows 10 Bootcamp side! Thank you so much for finding & sharing!


    1. I know I am too! We will now be able to play Older Nancy Drew games when ever we want!