Friday, July 27, 2018

Nancy Drew Battle Challenge

When it comes to Nancy Drew games, I’m always trying to find new ways to play all of my favorite games.  A few challenges I’ve done in the past were trying not to cheat, playing all the games on senior mode, and trying to play the game as fast as you can.  There are quite a few challenges that you can do with these games.  There is however, one challenge that Daniella (The Little Book Spy) and I have created that out shine all the rest called, “Nancy Drew Battle Challenge.”

The Nancy Drew Battle Challenge is very simple.  The object of the challenge is playing the Nancy Drew game of your choice faster than your opponent(s).  Now, though this is not required it is helpful that both you and your opponent(s) are sitting in the same room or are using a service to communicate such as Discord or Skype.  There is no limit to the number of opponents you can have but I do recommend there be a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 players.  Now to be the full winner of the challenge you must play all 32 and have more wins than your opponent(s).


1.  Play your chosen game in either Junior or Senior.
More experienced players should play on Senior while new players should stick to Junior.  If you’re up for the challenge, then play Senior mode.  I would recommend that all players play the same game mode. Unless you know the game by heart then you are required to play senior mode.

2.  You must start playing the game at the same time.
You all must start playing the game at the exact same time.  If you need to take a break at all or leave your computer for any amount of time, all players must stop playing the game and resume once all players are able to continue.  The only exception to touching the game during a break is when you are saving the game or hitting paused because the game is time based.

3.  The winner of each match is determined by who finishes the game first or by the number of awards you win.
For some of the older games there are only 1 award.  For these game, the winner would be decided by who finishes first.  For the newer games, one point will be awarded to the player who finishes the game first.  One additional point will be awarded for each award completed in the game.  (Previous saved game files must be deleted since awards from games 28-32 do not reset for each game.)

4.  You are only allowed 3 outside cheats per game.
Per game, you will be allowed to have 3 hints or cheats, unless the game gives you hints to put you in the correct direction. These can be looked up with walkthroughs or cheats websites.  As a recommendation, please do not use walkthroughs since you will get more information than what you’re looking for.  (Please try and use the Universal Hint System for your cheats it will be more specific to what you’re looking for.)

5.  Cheaters Will Be Disqualified
If you break any of the following rules above, then you will be disqualified from the match you are playing, and your opponent(s) will either keep playing, if there is more than one player.  If there are only 2 players (yourself and your opponent), then they will win by default.  If you are disqualified from 3 different matches because you or your opponent are breaking the rules, then the remaining players will continue on with out you.

6.   The Winner of the Nancy Drew Battle Challenge
To win the game, you must win a majority of the games over your opponents.  If your play 1vs.1 then you need to win 51% or more of the game.  The more opponents you have change the amount of games you need to win.

These are the rules that Daniella (The Little Book Spy) and I play with.  The rules are the most important part of the gameplay challenge and if you do not enforce them then you are not playing to the full heart experience of the battle. If there are more rules that need to be put in place, then I will update this battle with stricter rules.

Thank you all for reading.  I hope you all will enjoy this little challenge Daniella and I have created.  If you have any questions regarding the battle, then please feel free to comment your question and I will make sure to answer it.  By commenting on this post, it will allow other people who have the same questions get there answers as well.  Please do not ask a question that was already asked, it will get deleted.

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