Friday, June 1, 2018

Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments Review

When it comes to games, I love a good mystery and the best way to solve mysteries and puzzles than to become step into the shoes of Detective Sherlock Holmes in the game Crimes and Punishments.  Crimes and Punishments is a stand alone game in the Sherlock Holmes series.  The cases in the game were inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle book Crimes and Punishments.  This game focuses on 6 different cases each focusing on its own set of characters for each mystery.

When I first saw this game, I was itching to play it.  I've played a few of the other Sherlock Holmes game, though I could never finish them due to the game files not working properly.  I still couldn't wait to get my hands on this game and play it for myself.  Once I was finally able to sit down and relax I turned the game on, I was so absorbed into the storyline I didn't want to stop playing.  The storyline flowed very well.  I never had the feeling that the storyline just dropped off any were it had its beginning, climax, and ending without any drops or confusing twists.

Without giving to much away in spoilers about the game, each case was unique in its own way.  Each small mystery of murder, disappearance, and theft each led to a bigger case behind the scenes.  If you pay close attention you can see a number of characters mention the larger picture behind all of these cases.  Towards the end this final mystery is brought to light, giving you as the player the opportunity to affect the ending of the game.  Because of this extra tidbit I like to think of it as a 7th case in the game or a combination of all the cases placed into one.  The creators of this game really out did themselves with this game and I'm looking forward to there future Sherlock Homes projects.

Thank you everyone for reading.  I would highly recommend playing this game if you ever get the chance.  Since summer vacation has started I'm going to try and keep up with blogging as much as possible so hopefully some more blog post will be coming your way.

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