Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter Wonderland Gaming Tag ft. Daniella: The Little Book Spy

Today, I decided that I should do something special for the Christmas day. Today, I’m going to do my own little Christmas Game Tag.  For this post, I’ve invited Daniella from The Little Book Spy to answer some questions with me.  Let’s get started!

1.  Pick a game that reminds you of Christmas!
Jordan:  I think I would have to go back to an old classic of mine and that’s Nancy Drew: Treasure of the Royal Tower.  This game always got me excited for Christmas, I can just imagine all the lights hanging around the castle with the big tree in the center of the large hallway.

Daniella:  One game that reminds me of Christmas would have to be Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness.  The snow falling and the lights and wreaths that are hanging around the town make me think of Christmas.

2.  What’s your favorite snow winter themed game?
Jordan:  Winter themed game. Hmm…  I think I would have to go with Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek.  That game was so much fun with walking around in the snow

Daniella:  My favorite snow winter themed game would have to Syberia series.  It was such a fun game and I’m super excited to play Syberia 3!

3.  Name one adventure game that you love playing during the winter?
Jordan:  One adventure game that I love playing during the winter is Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch.  This game is the total opposite of winter with this 100-degree game heat, I don’t know why this is my favorite to play during the winter but maybe it’s because I miss the warmer weather just a little bit.

Daniella:  One adventure game that I loved playing during the winter would have to be Lost Horizon.  That game was super fun and I definitely need to go back and the play the second game, Lost Horizon 2.

4.  Name one scary game that you want to/should play this winter?
Jordan:  One scary game that I want to play this winter is Bioshock.  This game has scared me to death quite a few times and I can’t wait to finish the game if I can live long enough.

Daniella:  One scary game that I should play this winter would have to be SOMA.  The only reason why I would play SOMA is because I’ll have cheats on so I can enjoy the storyline of the game and make sure none of the monster attack me.  I’m terrible in panic situations since I will most likely constantly die in games like this.

5.  Name one game on your Christmas wish list!
Jordan:  One game in my Christmas wish lists is Black Mirror.  I loved the original series when I first played the games and I am supper excited to play the new one that the remade.

Daniella:  This one’s super easy, Black Mirror.  Back in October, Jordan and I ended up finding out that a revamped version of the original Black Mirror game was released in November and I’m definitely looking forwards to starting this game.

Thank you all so much for reading.  Daniella and I had a blast answering these questions and I hope you all got some new game recommendations from these questions as well.  This post is but one of the Christmas fun!  Daniella and I also did a post over on her blog called, Tis the Season Book Tag!  So, go check it out.

Until next time,

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