Friday, December 22, 2017

Stardew Valley Review

Hello everyone! It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog, but never fear I am back and with a very addicting game to review, Stardew Valley!  Most of my free time has been spent in this game and I couldn’t think of anything better than to go back to my roots and do a game review on the blog.  So, let's begin!

Stardew Valley is about you inheriting your Grandfathers farm and leaving the city life behind for the land of Stardew Valley, with a few old tools and coins, it’s up to you to decide where life will take you.  However, life in the valley won’t be easy with the Joja Corp. in town, taking away the old way of life, along with leaving the community center abandon.  With a little dedication and time, you can rebuild the Community Center to its former glory and bring the Valley back to greatness. 

This game is a RPG game so it’s all up to you on how you choose to live in the valley.  You can focus on farming, mining, foraging, fishing, or combat.  You can focus on any one of these skills for your farm or you can work on all of them.  I would definitely suggest working on all of your skills when you first start your game and once you level yourself up to max for each skill, then focus on your main goal on what you want to work towards.

Now let’s start with what happened when I first played this game.  I had no idea what was happening, and I really had no clue what to do and since I went through the main goals pretty fast.  I wondered what was I supposed to do next.  Well, this was the first game I had ever played not having any goals set for me to complete like a storyline since that’s all the game I knew at the time, but after taking a break I finally figured it out.

Though I don’t play a lot of pixilated games, this one won my heart with the sweet characters and lifestyle I could create for myself on my farm.  After I watched others play and I began to farm and forage on my land, I pretty much mastered the game concept and began creating the best farm that I could.  Next year, the game will be coming with multiplayer so that’s something to be excited about!  I can’t wait for that to be released. I will definitely be one of the many people playing this game with my friends.

I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a simple, sweet, and fun RPG game but I would also suggest you do your research about this game or watch others play so you can get an understanding of the game.  Right now, it is on sale in Steam so get your own copy for a great price.

Thank you everyone for reading!  I hope to have more of a constant post schedule, but one can never know.

Until next time,

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