Friday, September 8, 2017

Living In Autumn

There are so many things to make your home feel like autumn and …Christmas in you home and I find that these make everything smell great and look super cute.  Warning this post may make you want to go out and buy stuff for autumn.  I am about ready to jump out of my seat and pull out my decorations and create more of an autumn themed home.  You have been warned!  Now, on to what make everyone love autumn.

I’m not a big fan of “lighting" candles but I love melting them to help freshen the air.  I really like smells that remind me of the fresh mountain air so pine tree candles are always my number one choice. If you go into any craft store then you can find so many of these candles on display now its crazy.  There are 

Fall Decorations
There are so many fall decorations out its crazy.  Now I’m not going to go over board yet on what to get but I find that small signs that say its fall and a box or cinnamon scented pine cones is one of the best decorations to have in my opinion.  It will also keep it to a minimum so you don't go over board on the decorating.  This also is a great way to start transitioning into Halloween and you can keep the decorations up until December before you put the Christmas decorations up.

Fragrance Oils Sprays
When I say fragrance spray I don't mean air freshener, I’m referring to fragrance oils.  During Christmas last year, I went to the crafts store and bought a few fragrance oils and a little spray bottle.  There is a ray of oils to choose from and I picked up a Christmas Tree oil, mixed it with a little water and I love it.  It gave the air a fresh pine smell and it reminds me so much of Christmas.  I also used it on my own Christmas tree last year.  Since I use a fake tree every year, this gave my home a great smell like I had a real tree in my house.  I even use it when its not Christmas or fall.  

Pull out the Big Blankets and The Loads of Books
One of my favorite things about fall is the fact that you can just cuddle up with a good book and a big blanket and just read.  I know that not really doing much but some times the most simplest things are the best.

Slow Cooker and Casseroles
Now I think everyone does this but when the weather changes so does some of the food choices.  I find that casseroles and crockpot meals are the best during this time of the year and they just feel home-y.  Fall is ones of those times of years where your food is cooking all day long and sometimes a crockpot meal is the best when it gets cooler

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this post.  I thought I would be fun to share what I do to make my home seem more like autumn because AZ does not do autumn until December or January, technically what is considered winter.  If you do have autumn then, what do you do to help bring it in doors?  

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