Friday, August 11, 2017

Back To School Prep

Ah the month of August, a time for summer and the last month of many before school starts.  School, one of the most stressful times of the year for young and old alike.  Well since I’m going to be starting college here soon I figured I should share a few helpful tips on what you can do to prepare for the up comping semester.  This will also help me get prepared for school too.

Get your supplies as early as possible.
So those note books, pencils, paper, and more are always a pain to go get because who really wants to go and buy that early.  Well, it might surprise your but a lot of people do especially everyone in high school and below start school before college students so get it as quick as your can.  You can also order it on Amazon to make it easy, (I have a feeling I might do that).  If you do buy it in a store then do it early so you have a bigger choice of items to choose from.

Get Your Books Now College Students!
College kids get your books now!  If you don't know what books to get then you can contact your teacher and ask or when you sign up for the class look at the syllabus to see if they give you any information.  I found mine when signing up for classes and will be soon be buying them form the school.  Also a helpful tip if you keep the books in great condition, no marks in the book, water stains, no missing pages or rips then you can sell them back to the school so they can rent them out.  So you can get some of your money back after buy these expensive books.  Your books are listed somewhere you just need to look for them.

Go Shopping for Clothes
I think this is a no brainer for any girl but go shopping for school clothes before school starts while everyone else is on vacation.  It is so much easier than competing with others for clothing or having a small limited section.  Also remember your not in High school anymore so dress to be a college student.

Change Your Time Schedule Now
There is one thing that I think everyone will be struggling with, me especially.  Going to bed early and waking up early is just going to be a struggle since I have created an odd sleeping pattern of not falling asleep till really late and getting up to late in the day.  I love my sleep but I don’t like going to bed early.  So here goes going to bed early and getting up at 6 am.  If you can get afternoon courses then this will make it easier but I choose morning courses.  If you want to look like you didn't just rolled out of bed and look put together then waking up early is a sacrifice one must make.  Hint, I’m making that sacrifice so pray I don't die from exhaustion.

Thank you everyone for reading and good luck to all you starting school here soon.  I really enjoy coming up with these tips and I hope these can help you before you start school.  If you have any tips or trick please tell me I could love to know.

Until next time,

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