Friday, July 28, 2017

Sims 2 vs. Sims 3 vs. Sims 4

About a month or so ago I set up a poll asking everyone what kind of sims related post that you would like to see and the winning vote was a Sims vs. Sims!  This is all my own opinion on what I think about each game, what I liked and didn’t like.  Sorry for taking so long on this post, but there was so much I had to choose from in each game, that it made it super difficult to write this post.  So, let's get to it!

Sims 2
The Sims 2 was one of the first sims games that I ever played and I loved it, or should I say obsessed over.  I found that this game had simple 3D graphics and everything was so organized when it came to furniture and other items within the game. It made it so easy to choose what you want to do.  This game was also the first game that I've ever use CC on.  Though it was short lived, since it made it impossible to ever play the game with CC, I still had fun playing with college life, making your own businesses, and of course building.  I found that building in the sims 2 was very simple, compared to other games, and I liked that I could use the foundation and build walls around it with out cheats.  The lots on the game sometimes were really small unless you built your own.  I also like how easy it was to create a new worlds and place new lots in the world.  You could pick a terrain and then your could just randomly place lots where ever you want.

Sims 3
There is so much about the sims 3 that I liked.  I’m not sure if I can keep it in a paragraph, but I'll try.  Let's just start with the great, big world that you can roam around in with the sims.  You don't have any loading screens to get to the next lot, like the sims 2, and you have a more open community to explore and it made it easier to be friends with other sims in that world.  Next was all the CC you could get for the game.  I loved dressing my characters up in realistic clothing, hair, and make up.  It's unreal how realistic these sims can get.  The downfall was that the CC content would crash your game or make you sims look a little funny.  Building in the game was great and very simple as well, though I made every room 3x the size of a normal room, the lots were huge and I could build such extensive mansions and gardens I would spend hours building.  However the map would fill up very quickly leaving me to create either a new map or save and delete homes to build more.  I was sad that I could no longer create new worlds like in the sims 2, though you could still make worlds I found that this way of making worlds took too much time.

Sims 4
In the newest addition to the sims franchise, the Sims 4 gave us an answer to our prayers by making it easier to change you sims faces by grabbing a selected feature and being able to change it to look the way you wanted it to look.  This makes creating your perfect sims even easier.  I love this feature and I can’t live without it.  The cc in the game is fantastic and so much easier to use than in the sims 2, especially in the sims 3.  You can put the files in the mod folder and you can organize it however you want, without having a big mess and guessing what you want or don't want to keep.  Now, in this one, you can't make maps at all unless you buy one of the newer games, which was a huge disappointment.  I love seeing other people's creations.  One thing that I didn't like was how the maps were designed.  They weren't very realistic to me and they kind of seemed like they were just thrown together.

Now, out of all these games, I love them all equally and though each game has its ups and downs, they're all fun to play.  I hope you all enjoyed reading what I thought about each game.  I tried to keep it short on the main things that I liked about each game and some of the things that I didn't like about them.  Tell me, in the comments, what's your favorite sims game and why.  It doesn't have to be just the one of the three that I listed and talked about, it can be any of sims game. Thank you all for reading.

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  1. I haven't played The Sims for the longest time - I'll have to load it up and have another play!