Friday, July 14, 2017

Banished Review

As time comes and goes, new games manage to sneaking into my feed and Banished hit me by storm and it became addicting fun for hours, when I first played it.  I was introduced to the game by a YouTuber and I am obsessed with simulation games, so I decided to get a hold of a copy and play it for myself.  This game is a village simulation game where you have to build the village from the ground up as your villagers begin to create a new life for themselves.

In the game, you can choose between 3 different modes, easy, medium, and hard.  Easy will have the most advantages, so I would definitely recommend you start off with that level and watch the tutorials on the main menu.  There are so many things to learn in this game and I was so lost before I watched the tutorials on what to do.  Once you do the tutorial, then you can move on to the game and start building your town.  You can place homes, farms, build buildings that can help you improve your town and make sure it can stay afloat and maybe grow into a great empire.

This game is very addictive so be careful about playing it.  I spent over 10 hours in it in the first 2 days and I’ve been slowly rebuilding my town back up to its former glory.  This is a PC only game, so sorry to the people that don't have a PC or a dual Mac.  I have a dual Mac so luckily I can play the game.  Yay for technology!!  I would definitely recommend this game to people if they like City Skylines, Sims, and other simulation games. 

Before you go off and play the game yourself, I want to share a few tips with everyone so they can play the game for themselves and have fun without getting frustrated and quit.  I did that at first, but I could not will myself away from the game for too long.

1.  Go through the tutorials.
This will make everything so much easier to understand and it gives you step-by-step instructions on what everything does and where in the bar it’s located, you may have to go over a few tutorials a couple of times, I know I did.  Once you start playing it, every thing will begin go fall into place.

2.  Focus on food and wood.  
You will need to have as many people as possible as farmers, foresters, and a woodcutters.  Food in the game takes from Spring until Fall to harvest, so the more people you have working the fields, then the more crops you will be able to harvest.  You will also need wood in the winter, so make sure you have forest lodgers to cut and plant trees, this will ensure an unlimited supply of trees being planted for the summer and spring time frame.  You will also need a wood cutter so that your people have firewood to keep them warm in the winter.  You only need one woodcutter station in the very beginning so don’t worry to much about that.  You can also change the limit on how much wood you can cut until it begins to be used.  Once it’s used, then your woodcutter will cut more.

3.  The more farmers you have the more laborers you will have in winter.
Crazy right!?!?  In the game you have so many farmers, but in the winter what do they do?  Well, they do the work of a labor so you have them go out getting extra wood, stone, and iron to help keep your town alive.

4.  Have at least 2 to 4 fishermen.
This will be the strongest point in your food source.  They will fish all year long and it will help dramatically when you run low or completely out of food.

5.  Don’t build things unless you have an abundant surplus of items.
From what I have learned from at least 3 towns is that you should not build anything but homes, buildings for work (a.k.a. fishing dock, homes, woodcutters (only 1 each), Forester lodges, hunting cabins, town hall (only 1), and a boarding house (only 1).  Having the town hall will help you know what’s going on in your town and you can accept nomads as citizens building up your town.  I also would recommend to build homes and other places, once you feel it is necessary to help your town improve. You can build as many as you want, but you need to determine what is the best move for your city when it comes to expanding.

6.  Save as Often as you can!
If anything goes wrong in your town and you think it could be prevented save while your at the high peak in the game.  I have learned from experience that its very hard to try and rebuild everything from the ground up.

Thank you all for reading.  I hope you all enjoyed this review, along with a few tips to help you get by in the game.  If you have any question that the game didn’t explain very well or you don’t understand, then you can ask me in the comments and I will answer with the best answer that I can.  I don’t know everything about the game, but maybe by asking me a question that you don't understand and I don’t know might help both of us figure it out the answer and it could help others that read this review.

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