Friday, June 23, 2017

Dead By Daylight Review

Multiplayer games are all that I’ve been playing lately and I’ve been obsessed with the newest game I’ve added into my collection, Dead By Daylight.  I was first introduced to this game by a group of YouTubers and Twitch streamers who began to play the game back in June 2016.  This game is a fun horror game thats you can play with friends or others online.

The game is based around 5 players, four survivors and one killer.  The four survivors walk around a map and beging the challenge of starting 5 generators.  It seems simple enough, however you have to avoid a blood thirsty killer that will do everything in their power to try and capture you.  

There are a few ways you can play this game.  You can play as a lone survivor and get paired up with random survivors and a random killer, you can survive with friends and get a random killer with other survivors (Depending on how many friends you play with), a private match with friends only, and you can play as the killer with random survivors.

I find that this game has so much potential with the new killers and survivors added with each new DLC.  However the the cost of each DLC does start to add up after a while.  Each DLC for a new map, killer, and survivor cost an additional $6.99 in addition to the base game that cost $20.00.  I would recommend to the developers that they should consider lowering the price of the game DLC to $2.99 at least.  Originally I did not own any of the DLC but a discount sale persuaded me to get the new killer set.  However, you do not need to buy the DLC to play the game.  It is just extra characters you can play as, since each killer or survivor have there own set of skills.

I find that this game has the best suspense when it comes to horror games that's fun and exciting.  You plug in your headphones and you have to do a lot of listening in the game, waiting to hear the heart beat of your character and try to hide from the killer.  I find that I scream when I get caught by the killer when I'm not expecting them to find me.  I find that this game is best played with at least one or two friends since you can all talk to each other and not have to guess what's going on, but I admit it takes longer to get into a room the more friends, trying to get into a match.

I will warn you now that with each game it does have its tendencies to create problems.  No, I'm not talking about the game its self having problems, I'm taking about the killers and having them camp you after they capture and hook you.  It's unavoidable to not have killers like that, but you can report them if they do this.  Also, I'll also tell you this, if you want to play a round of DBD then make sure you game is up to date.  It takes a very long time to update so an hour or more before you can play the game so check to see if it's up to date.  

Thank you all for reading and good luck and have fun when your playing the game.  I really enjoy this game and I think you will probably too, if you've enjoyed any of my past game reviews.  Tell me what you think of the game down below.  If you enjoy these kind of post, please let me know in the comments and I will review more games just like this.

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