Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year and Happy New Blog!!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Sorry for delaying this post and not getting this post out sooner.  I just need some time to think before I wrote this.  This past year was certainly a struggle for me when it came to blogging and my content.  I felt that my blog content wasn’t at its best and I was writing more for views than anything and it was just draining for me.

This also caused me to not post for long periods of time and only once a month or longer if I had anything.  Well I’m going to revert back to my main roots and review more games just like when I first started, and put the beauty and DIY reviews on hold.  I had fun doing these but I felt they were more forced when writing.

So for next weeks post I will be posting a review for a KDrama!! I can here the silence and confusion since it contradicts what I said above about focusing on games.  Well your right it does but I love writing Drama reviews a much as I like writing the game reviews.  So I’m focusing on both.  So hopefully I can get a more of a normal schedule.

Thank you all for reading.  The next post will be up on the 13th of January and hopefully every Friday.

Until next time,

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