Friday, September 9, 2016

Top 3 Photo Editing Apps

How do you edit your photo?  I always ask that question when I see other bloggers photos.  Now I'm not that great of a photographer but I do like to take pictures of some things here and there.  Most times it too dark and they need to be highlighted and fixed or need to have something added into them, for example words.  I have only found 3 app the work the best so here are my top 3 photo editing apps.

1. Picmonkey

They just released the app in the App Store and if you know the website, then you know it's going to be great.  I have use Picmonkey website for over a year and it was the best website I have ever used.  You can do so much to your photos when editing and creating, lightening, darkening, adding words this has to be one of my favorite programs to use and definitely my number one used app/website.

2. Color Story

At the moment this is my favorite app to use.  You get 2 free sets of filters that have a grange of options.  There are more filters available to buy ranging from .99 cents to a $1.99.  Which isn’t that bad.  You can also crop, rotate, and flip the image.  At the moment this is my go to app to use and I use it for quiet a few photos.


I love using GIMP to help create my lovely little header for my blog.  I got this program for a class I took and I love using it.  You do however have to pay for the full program, however much that may be.

Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you enjoy trying out these apps/programs.  I really love using these and they are great app to use.

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