Friday, September 23, 2016

Officially Fall

Its officially Fall and that means 89 days until it will officially get to being in the 60’s.  I’m really looking forward to Fall as you can tell and I’m going to dedicate this post to 10 things I’m looking forward to this fall.

1.  Cooler Weather
I am sick of this summer heat.  It’s not the normal 100 F that most places get like in California for example.  No, this is Arizona heat that gets to 120 F and it is the worst. Cooler weather can't come soon enough.

2.  Having Warm Drinks
I cannot drink anything warm in the summer.  It literally makes me sick because its just to warm outside.  No matter how much I want that cup of coffee in the afternoon I will resist because of the heat.  Now that it's going to get cooler I can now have the nice warm cup of coffee.

3.  Baking Crazy
I love to bake and the holidays give me that reason to bake to my hearts content.  It can be for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas and I will try to find some reason to bake.

4.  RAIN!!
I love the rain more that you can believe, though my head doesn’t take to kind to it.  After having a dry spell with no rain it's definitely worth the wait when you can just curl up on the couch with a good book and read listening to the rain.

5.  Holidays are coming!
I love decorating for the holidays!  It just makes my home feel so pretty with all the lights and what not.  This is also a repeat of what I said for number three on the list but baking and cooking the foods you love, it makes everything have a homey feel to them.

6.  Starting that new indoor hobby.
I’m already getting started on knitting my first every blanket to curl up with when the fall/winter hits.  It’s my first ever-knitting project and it gives me something does when I wait for my sweet treats to finish cooking.

7.  Pants
I just really want to wear pants.  I find they go with every outfit you can ever wear. 

8.  Traveling while its cooler out!
I have really want to go and travel but its to hot to do anything.  At least when the fall comes then I can actually leave my house without feeling like I’m going to die from the heat.

9.  Photography
I would love to travel and take pictures of what fall is doing here in AZ, but it will all depend on what’s going on and time.  Lets pray things go as plan and I can do some of these things.

10.  Fire Pits
I love using my fire pit as often as I possibly can.  It’s so nice to just sit out side and look up at the sky and see all of the stars, so relaxing.

Thank you for reading.  So what’s your favorite thing about fall/autumn?  Tell me in the comments down below, I would love to hear what you favorite things about fall are. 

Until next time,

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