Friday, August 26, 2016

Top 5 Countries I Want to Visit

I think everyone has done this post about where they would like to travel to and this post is no different.  Today I'm adding to that list.  Here are the top 5 countries I want to visit.  (I would also like to clarify that I do not own any of the pictures.)


From what I've seen of Finland I would call it a second home.  I grew up with the big pine trees and forest surrounding me, and areas of water pretty close to me.  It just feels like it would be a second home of the sorts and I would just love it there.


Quiet a few of the musicians I listen to live there and they have all said that you should visit the Netherlands at least once.  I also saw pictures from Giethoorn circling around FB that were making me want to pack up and move there.  If I ever go to the Netherlands then going to Giethoorn and visiting all the cute little towns will be a must do.

United Kingdom U.K.

Many of the other bloggers I talk to live in the UK and I would love to go there and meet as many as I could and just hang out with each and everyone of them.  I would also love to go and see all of the touristy places the UK has to offer.


Just looking at some of the castles in the photos and other places in Germany make me think that I would just sit outside and admiring the beauty of the castles and the architect of everything.  I have also wanted to go to Germany for the longest time ever since I learned about it.


Now I am a big fan of antiques and Japanese antiques I find fascinating.  I also love looking at their builds and the design of everything. So if I ever visit Japan, it would be to the less populated areas and the older building, in other words touristy place.

None of my choices are not in any specific order.  It's just the order of how everything popped into my head.

Thank you all so much for reading!  I would love to travel to all of these beautiful county's and enjoy the culture of each country I visit.  I really hope that one day I can travel to each country, but for now I can only dream of visiting.

Until next time,

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