Friday, August 5, 2016

My Top 5 New Hobbies To Try

I think everyone has a hobby that they like to do.  Whether it’s baking or drawing, and right now I’m in that really creative mood right now.  So I decided to write down the new hobbies I want to start or at least try once.  So here are 5 hobbies I want to try.
1.  Sewing
I have always found sewing interesting and have always wanted to make things like dresses and other items by sewing.  The last sewing project I worked on was re-stitching a sleeve from the armpit up to the hand.  It was a long sleeve piece of clothing, and fixing it made it almost like look new.  I had such a fun time doing fixing that sweater I’m now in a sew frenzy and wanting to make or fix more things by sewing.  I really want to try embroidery next, so fingers crossed that it turns out good.

2.  Baking
I know that I already do this, but I really want to improve my baking skills and get to the highest level I possibly can.  I want to be able to have nice pretty cakes that look more and more like a professional baker made them.  I will however have to keep the baking to a minimum since I won’t be able to eat all of the cake.  Unless I can persuade someone into buying a cake or cupcakes, baking once every other month will have to do.

3.  Making Jewelry
I have also wanted to make my own jewelry.  Recently, I’ve seen someone making their own pieces and now I want to make my own.  If I ever do make any pieces of jewelry, then I will definitely share it on Instagram and Twitter.  I have made some jewelry before and it was for small things a very long time ago, so I hope to try that soon.

4.  Knitting
I have just recently have the urge to knit, I’ve never knitted a thing in my life and I don’t even know how to but that is all about to change very soon.  I have my yarn and soon my needles ready for me to start.  I really hope it turns out good and if it does I will 100% share it with you. So fingers crossed it all turns out well.

5.  Photography
I have always wanted to work on my photography and I want to learn more about my camera to try and take some nice photos.  I’m still learning and I now just need to learn more about the lighting and how to work it correctly.  One day I will know how to work my camera but for now I still need to understand what I’m doing.

Thank you for reading everyone.  I’m just in such a creative mood and I just want to make everything I possibly can and share with you some of the things I want to start.  I will probably start to work on my sewing, baking, and jewelry making as soon as possible.  So look out for any images of the things I make on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if it succeeds.

Until next time,

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