Friday, August 12, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Won't See Me Playing Pokemon Go

As many of you have already heard there is a little game that lets your go and collect your own Pokemon.  The game has become so big that everyone knows what it is and plays it constantly.  Well I am one of the few people that will not be playing it and here and 5 simple reason to why I won't play the game and never will.

1.  Problems with the App

Don't get me wrong here every app has it problems but I would get tired of it crashing and I don't feel like having the cops called on me for standing in someone's yard for trespassing.

2.  I'm not a Pokemon Fan

I love to watch anime and all that, but Pokemon was one of the shows that did not catch my attention.  No fence to the people that like the show but I felt like it repeats it's self and there are to many episode to even count.

3.  Wasting Valuable / Important Time

I have seen people being so addicted to this app that they were even playing it while driving (Don't drive and use your phone.).  Addictions like that are bad and can cause a lot of problems to other that have important thing to complete and it can take your valuable time away from you.  If you have important things to do but the app distracts you then the tasks won't get complete and will get pushed off until it to late to do them and it can cause you serious problems (depending on the task).

4.  Privacy

This app uses GPS.  I really wish the app didn't and it had another option but it doesn't.  Its also is a great way for someone to pin point your location down and come rob you. I have heard to many people get robed after using this app and I do not wish to be the next victim.

5.  I'm just not interested.

Is there really any point to the game other than collecting the Pokemon and taking over gyms?  I prefer more of the story driven base games because I feel like there is more to a story base game compared to Pokemon Go.

Some of you may not agree with my reasoning and that ok.  You have your opinion and I have mine and these where my reason you won't see me playing the game.  Though I don't understand the obsession with the game I will admit that the Pokemon are cute, but that won't get me to play the app.

Thank you for reading everyone.  I know I may get a lot of disagreement with this but this game is just uninteresting to me and I feel like I'm being told by almost everyone you have to go play this game.

Until next time,

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