Monday, November 30, 2015

20 Question Tag

While looking through Twitter here a while back,  I found that was tag in the 20 Question Tag from #TheGirlGang by Beth at Beth’s Blog to do a 20-question tag.  I'm so excited to do this tag and I hope you all enjoy!

1.      Things you cannot leave the house without?
My phone.

2.      Favorite brand of make-up?
I really don't have a favorite brand of make-up since I seem to change my makeup a lot.

3.      Favorite flowers?
Carnations.  They are just so pretty and they last a really long time.

4.      Favorite clothing store?
Don't have a favorite clothing store.  I like it when the clothes just fit nice, so anything is fine.

5.      Favorite perfume?
I do not like perfume.  I used to like it, but now, not so much.

6.      Heels or flats?
Heels when they need to be used, but 100% flats.

7.      Do you make good grades?
Yes! I always have to have a good grade.  I have to have at least a grade of an A for the whole class, unless its foreign language class.  I do not do very well in languages so I allow myself to get a B if I cannot get an A.

8.      Favorite colors?
Any color of blue, except neon.

9.      Do you drink energy drinks
Nope, and I never will drink one.  They just have a bad smell to me.

10.    Do you drink juice?
Sometimes.  If I want something different than water, then I will drink juice.

11.    Do you like swimming?
I love swimming.  I grew up with a pool so swimming was a major thing for me and I still swim, but only when the weather is warm.

12.    Do you eat fries with a fork?
It depends, sometimes I will, but most of the time I won't.

13.    What’s your favorite moisturizer?
I don't really use moisturizer.  If I have dry skin I will use a vitamin-E cream, but that it.

14.    Do you want to get married later on in life?
I think every girl wants to get married at some point in their life, so yes.

15.    Do you get mad easily?
It all depends on the situation and the mood I'm in, but normally no.

16.    Are you into ghost hunting?
I have the ghost-hunting apps to prove it.

17.    Any phobias?
Yep, to many to keep count of.

18.    Do you bite your nails?
Sadly, yes.  I have tried to stop, but I do it with out realizing it sometimes.

19.    Have you ever had a near death experience?
I have never had a near death experience and I hope I never will.

20.      Do you drink coffee?
I would sometimes drink coffee, but now I can't anymore.  I have been trying tea but can’t find one I like.  I would love suggestions.

If you are apart of the #TheGirlGang and have not done this, then I tag you to do this next.  Thanks for reading everyone.  I would love to read everyone so put your links in the comments down below or send it to me on twitter.

Until next time,

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