Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Halloween in September

It’s not even October yet and stores have already put up there Halloween merchandise.  If you see this, you should probably keep walking, if you’re anything like me.  You will probably find something you would want and you will end up buying it.  Well that’s what happened to me anyway.

I love decorating for holidays and October – December is the only time I really do any big decorating, and when you decorate you always end up looking for new stuff somehow.  I decided to make my own candles using toilet paper roles, black paint, and electric lights.  While looking for the little lights, I ended up getting tinsel black cat, tinsel pumpkin, a tinsel spider, a Trick or Treat sign, and 3 packs of LED lights for the candles.

This is the reason why people not only a create list, but only bring so much money if looking for certain items.  It keeps them from buying things they don’t need.  Thankfully, I only got those few things, it cost about $15 dollars for all of it, which wasn’t too bad.  I just have to be careful of going back down that aisle.

Another thing you should beware of is the candy aisle.  I have a very bad sweet tooth and I just love chocolate.  So, I have to mentally drag myself away from the big bags of candy that I see.  I sound like a little kid when thinking about this, but I think everyone has the moment of weakness when it comes to candy.

If you plan on getting anything for Halloween, then create a budget, do not look at anything until you have the amount set up and you only have cash (Cash keeps you from spending too much), plan on how much everything will cost beforehand, and pray that you don’t break that promise of not spending more that you wanted.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I hope you liked my post.  In a later post I will post a few photos of what I got.  What to you spend the most on during the holidays?  Tell me in the comments down below.  Don’t forget to share my blog with others.

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