Monday, September 7, 2015

Among the Sleep Review

Hello everyone!  Today, I’m  reviewing the horror survival game Among the Sleep.  Now if you have read any of my early post, then you know that I hate horror games.  For one, I get scared easily, and two, I can’t stand being scared.  Yet, I somehow let two someones rope me into playing this game.  This game was released on May 29, 2014 by Krillbite Studio.  So let's get started!

Among the Sleep: Distorted Hallway
Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two-year old child. After being awoken abruptly by some strange force you explore the eerie house while looking for comfort.

My twin Daniella (Little Book Spy) watched Jacksepticeye play this game over on his channel and decided that it would be good idea to not only get the game for us to play but to also play it in the dead of night...

Among the Sleep: Monster
To be honest, I never watched the game and just decided to go along with it.  I thought, “What could be so scary about a teddy bear and a little boy in a big house?”  Hmm let me think … everything!  The little boys imagination kicks in and makes silly little game about a boy looking for his mother into nightmare with in minutes of starting the game.  But then I'm that's kind of what supposed to happen.  Looking back at it now it seems to be silly being scared of this game but this game can make you anxious as you try and escape the monsters.

Among the Sleep: 
The dialogue through out the storyline I think really changed how the storyline of the game can be perceived.  As your companion Teddy speaks to you, I happen to notice how what he is saying is not only affecting you but sounds like comforting words you would say to yourself if you were in a scary situation.

Among the Sleep: Little Boy's Bedroom
The graphics were really good and smooth.  Though we did have to turn down the sensitivity of our mouse so we wouldn’t make ourselves sick if we moved to fast.  I had fun exploring all the dark and light areas of the game and how each portion of the game affected how we played the game.

This game isn't very long, as we finished playing it over a two day period.  I will admit that after the game ended, it kind of felt open ended, and it was up to the player to decided how to interpret what was truly happened at the end.  This game definitely has a hidden meaning behind it, and I feel is the sole purpose of the game in a way to for the player to kind of see past what the little boy sees as a nightmare and the reality of the truth.  Without spoiling the game, I just want to point out that everything is as it seems, yet the mind changes how the little boy perceives it.

Thank you for reading every one.  If you want to get the game for yourself you can find it on Steam, GOG, Nintendo, PS4, and Xbox One.  So have you played Among the Sleep, and if so what was the scariest part of the game?  I would love to know down in the comment bellow.

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