Friday, April 10, 2015

Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness Characters

Hello everyone. So today I'm just going to talk about the release of the Nancy Drew characters for Sea of Darkness. The characters were released on 6th this month and I'm already guessing on whom the villain is. Now I don't want to say who I think is the villain in the game... yet.

There are six different characters in the game and one returning character (Ned!). Now if I had to guess I believe that Miss Alex Trang will become an interactive character later in the game. Just like Victor Lossett from The Deadly Device (#27) and Jessalyn Thornton from Ghost of Thornton Hall (#28). Now, I could be wrong and she could just be a phone character. I made this same prediction in Labyrinth of Lies with Melina Rosi, but one can only hope.

Thanks for reading everyone. As I said early this week, I will not be able to write post next week. Anyone wants to substitute for me during this time I would be most grateful. It can be about anything you want (That I approve of). Just send a message to my Google+ and we can talk about what kind of post you want to write and the other small details.

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