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Moebius Empire Rising Review

For todays post, I'm going to be talking about the game Moebius: Empire Rising. This game came out on April 15th of 2014 and was written by the wonderful Jane Jensen.  This was one of the last games her and her company Pinkerton Road released.  I played this game soon after it was released and I though it was super fun.  Now, let's get to the review!

Moebius Empire Rising, Malachi, Gretchen, & David
The game tells the story of Malachi Rector, an antiques dealer who travels the world hunting down valuable artifacts. After returning from a trip to Spain he's hired by Amble Dexter, the head of a secretive government agency called 'FITA', to investigate a series of events and document them in his meticulous way.

Moebius Empire Rising Italian Bridge
The first event is the death of a young woman in Venice, found hanging from a bridge. As Rector investigates her life, he realizes that the beautiful and talented young woman—and the interrupted path of her life—had great hidden significance: Amble Dexter and his associates are playing with the fabric of life in a way Rector never imagined was possible. Even he, Rector himself, is part of a larger pattern. He must figure out who is doing what, and whether their intentions are for good or ill, before he can decide if he will play his pre-scripted role or try to change the outcome.

The game storyline and style was different from most of the games I've played.  The game is very heavily based on historical knowledge as you go through the game.  In this game you can play as two different character thought the game.  The first is Malachi Rector, an antiques dealer from New York.  The second was David Walker, a former Army Captain and a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, who then become Malachi's bodyguard.

Moebius Empire Rising Paris Hotel
I love the storyline of this game.  I found that it really made you think about what you needed to do to progress.  I also found this game to learn towards being educational with a mixture of fiction with what the game was about.  Overall I enjoyed the immensely and have a ton of fun playing it.

The graphics on the game was amazing too!  I felt that it leaned towards a realistic cartoon, as it tried to look as real as possible it had the different distinction of that it was more or a comic or graphic novel.  I also believe that when I purchased the game that I also got a graphic novel of when Malachi was a child as well.

Moebius Empire Rising Barozzi Antique
Focusing on the voice acting,  I found that it did very well for the game.  It didn't sound fake or forced as I ahem scene in other games.  No, in this game, I found that it was as if I was watching and good movie or tv show.  I find that the voice acting of the game can really make or break a game and for this game, I found that it made the game.

I found that this game surpassed my expectations and was better than I could have imagined.  Just like Gray Matter, I love playing this game and I cannot wait for what other games Pinkerton will make in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone.  If you want to check out the game for yourself, you can get it either on SteamPhoenix Online Studios, GOG, or Humble Bundle.  So, have you played this game before and if you have, what did you think of it?  I would love to know down in the comments below.

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