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Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Review

Hello everyone, today I'm going to be talking about Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers the 20th Anniversary Edition.  Now I haven't played the original game, however the remastered version is almost identical to the original game except this version has the updated graphics. This game was written by the fabulous Jane Jensen, who remastered this game with her company Pinkerton Road Studio.

Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers: Malia Gedde House
 "Sins of the Fathers follows the eponymous Gabriel Knight, owner of a rare book store and fledgling writer, as he investigates a series of local murders he plans to use as the basis for his new novel."

This is not first time I've played a Jane Jensen Game, I have played her two other games and I have to say, this game is one of the most interesting games I think I've played foo date. The graphics were amazing and drawn very well, they reminded me of the style of the characters for the Sims 4, for them being close to a real life look and a yet they still have that small amount of an cartoony look.
Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers: Church
The storyline was fairly explanatory with what you needed to do to complete it.  Though there were a few times that I got stuck.  I found it interesting at the fact that Gabriel not only used actual murders to create his stories, but the fact that he was able to investigate them with the police!  This is something that I don't would ever happen in real life but I found the idea of it very interesting.
Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers: Voodoo Shop
While playing the game, I love the comments Gabriel made for specific characters and objects.  Just some of the things he said were just so random it shocked and surprised me.  Some of the things the narrator said were also pretty fun especially when criticizing Gabriel.

Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers: Gabriel's Bookshop
Now the game has build in hint system so you could look at the hits in there.  However, the points in the corner of the screen would be taken away since you used the in game cheat system.  If you want to get all the point in the game, don't use the cheat system they give you!

Thank you everyone for read!  I had so much fun playing this game and I really hope that Jane Jensen remasters the other Gabriel Knight games as well.  So have you played Gabriel Knight Sin of Fathers?  I would love to know down in the comment below.

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