Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nancy Drew Danger By Design Review

This week I’m going to be talking about Nancy Drew Danger By Design.  This game is the 14 installment in the Nancy Drew Series.  This is one of my many favorite in the Nancy Drew series.  This game also was one of the hardest games to find a physical copy of since they aren't made anymore.  Thankfully I was able to get one of the last copy at my local Target many years ago.  Now let's jump into my review of the game!

Danger By Design: Minette's Studio
 Go Undercover in Paris and Unravel a Case in Style!  You, as Nancy Drew, intern undercover in a prestigious fashion design studio in Paris. The lead designer, Minette, hasn’t quite been herself lately. She hides behind a white mask and often throws tantrums, even firing several employees. Mysterious threats arrive at the old windmill studio and other troubles lurk in the underbelly of the City of Lights. Can you help Minette release her latest clothing line on time? Or will your sleuthing abroad meet an unfashionable end in Nancy Drew: Danger by Design?

One of the main reason this game is one of my favorites is because I wanted to design dress when I was young.  I was one of my many phases of what do I want to do when I was older.  Though my drawing is horrible as looks as good as stick figures, I decided to move on to something else and let professions or in my opinion crazy artist do what they do best.

Danger By Design: Port Neuf Park
The game came out in July of 2006 and by looking at the game now, it doesn't ever look like this game is that old.  The graphics are so beautiful, especially Port Neuf Park.  The full green trees that decorate the park, the fun and colorful artwork that surrounds the park, and even the fun flee market booths you can shop around.   Everything is so realistic and pretty, I can just imagine that I'm in Paris when I play this game.

Danger By Design:  Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies Puzzle
When it comes to the difficult of the game many of the puzzles are super easy and fun.  Though they have their challenged at times, I just love everything about this game.  I have to day my favorite part about this game has to be the cookie puzzle.  This is probably one of the games that I got my love of baking from 

I will say this, when I first bought the digital edition of the game from Her, I ended up loosing my copy of the game due to them switching who was in charge of handing out the game.  The code no longer worked on the game since the website that hosted the was disconnected.  However, I was lucky enough that I found a physical edition before stores stoped selling them.

Thank you everyone for reading!  This game is one of my absolute favorites and I would highly recommend that you play it.  Sadly, Her Interactive discontinued the physical copies of this game.  However, you can still get a digital copy from Steam or from Her Interactive.  Also if you buy directly from Her Interactive, you can also get a digital strategy guy for free!  Which if you do I would highly recommend it getting it from them because of this.  So have you played Danger By Design and if so, what do you love the most about this game.

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